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Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise
 • Novascale & Escala blade servers in a single chassis to enhance flexibility
Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise
The Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise provides performance optimization and increased energy efficiency. It is one of the strengths of Bull s Bio Data Center, a new approach of the Data Center combining performance, flexibility and sustainable development. The Bull Blade Chassis integrates both novascale blade servers based on Intel® Xeon® processors and Escala blade servers based on POWER7 thus providing a modular solution for VMware, Windows, Linux & AIX environments. It is the ideal platform for demanding environments in terms of performance, space occupancy and energy efficiency.
  • Increase the I/O bandwidth per blade server slot
  • Investment protection by supporting several server blade generations
  • Up to 14 Escala or novascale blade servers into one 9U chassis
    Citrix ready
    The highly integrated and modular architecture of the Bull blade chassis delivers a high level of flexibility, scalability and easy management in order to cope with variable workloads. The blade chassis is optimized for existing IT environments; in addition, it is ready for the last generation applications in order to protect the enterprise investment.

      Lower cost of ownership
    The innovative architecture of the Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise provides a high density and performance: it contains 14 NovaScale or Escala blade servers, i.e. 56 bi-processors in a standard rack (9U).
    In addition, by providing shared resources such as power supplies, cooling and networking module the blade chassis is much more energy-efficient than rack-optimized or tower servers, for the same performance level. With this advantage combined with a lower heat dissipation many more servers can be installed while complying with the power and cooling limits.
    Moreover, the innovative design of the chassis reduces the number of cables by 80% thus contributing to cutting down the cost of ownership of this solution.

      More powerful functionalities
    The Bull Blade Chassis- Enterprise doubles the I/O bandwidth per blade server slot. It provides up to 8x Ethernet and/or Fibre Channel ports per blade server slot. The Bull Blade Chassis- Enterprise is the ideal cornerstone to evolve any datacenter to a Bio Data Center making it the ideal platform to run the next-generation, high-performance business-critical applications.

      Fast deployment
    With Bull’s R@ck’n Roll offer, solutions including Escala and NovaScale blade servers and StoreWay sub-systems, are integrated in a rack. They are cabled, assembled, integrated and tested at Bull in order to be ready to use on the customer site. This is a time saving offer therefore contributing to reducing costs.

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