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Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise
 • Novascale & Escala blade servers in a single chassis to enhance flexibility
Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise
The Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise provides performance optimization and increased energy efficiency. It is one of the strengths of Bull s Bio Data Center, a new approach of the Data Center combining performance, flexibility and sustainable development. The Bull Blade Chassis integrates both novascale blade servers based on Intel® Xeon® processors and Escala blade servers based on POWER7 thus providing a modular solution for VMware, Windows, Linux & AIX environments. It is the ideal platform for demanding environments in terms of performance, space occupancy and energy efficiency.
  • Increase the I/O bandwidth per blade server slot
  • Investment protection by supporting several server blade generations
  • Up to 14 Escala or novascale blade servers into one 9U chassis
    Citrix ready
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     Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise 
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