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EMC Centera
 • Production-class archiving made simple, affordable, and secure
EMC Centera
EMC Centera delivers active archiving with the capacity, power efficiency, and price you require.
  • A proven archiving solution that provides assured authenticity and online access
  • Facilitates governance and compliance needs for retention and preservation
  • Self-management and self-configuration capabilities enable you to manage more content with fewer staff at lower cost
  • Future-proof architecture leverages technology to maintain long-term retention, assured content integrity
  • Self-healing—redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) architecture, no single points of failure, continuous data integrity checking/repairing, non-disruptive repair, phone-home capability, dual power sourcing

      Content-addressed storage (CAS)
    EMC® Centera® production-class archiving solutions deliver WORM technology write once/read many times for online access with assured content authenticity. Centera is simple to manage and provides investment protection. The archive platform keeps your company’s critical archive data accessible and safe. Centera is the world’s most simple, affordable, and secure repository for information archiving. Discover how Centera content-addressed storage enables you to better store, protect, optimize, and leverage your fixed-content data. Fixed content has many forms, such as critical business, legal, and reference documents; X-rays; e-mail attachments; check images; broadcast content; and satellite imagery; among many others. Unlike databases or files, which change and are updated constantly, the value of fixed content stems from the combined attributes of authenticity, long life, and accessibility. Existing storage architectures are not optimized for this new combination of requirements. Content-addressed storage offers a highly effective approach to managing information, perfectly suited to the needs of fixed content. Content addressing eliminates the need for applications to understand and manage the physical location of information on storage media. Instead, addresses are calculated based on the content itself, and serve as a unique “claim check” that applications can use to find and retrieve stored objects. This claim check not only simplifies the task of managing huge numbers of objects, but is also in fact a digital fingerprint of the content, ensuring absolute authenticity.

      Archiving made simple
    Centera is an IP network storage system specifically designed to store and provide fast, easy access to fixed content. Whether integrated with an in-house-developed application or an application from a continually growing group of industry-focused EMC partners, Centera is the optimal information archive for businesses and organizations that require a simplified solution to expanding amounts of fixed content. Centera greatly simplifies the task of managing, sharing, and protecting all sizes of content repositories. It cost-effectively puts information online in support of new sources of revenue generation, expanded business models, and increased service levels to users and customers. Centera features WORM (write once, read many) attributes of non-rewriteability and non-eraseability with disk performance and TCO (total cost of ownership) superior to current archiving approaches. The Centera CentraStar® software operating environment employs an innovative content-addressing system to simplify management, ensure content uniqueness, and deliver the scalability needed for terabyte- to petabyte-level archive requirements. And the Centera system accomplishes this while dramatically lowering overall management costs.

      RAIN Architecture
    Centera is built upon a no-single-point-of-failure redundant array of independent nodes (RAIN) architecture that is deployed in one or more six-foot standard NEMA 19-inch cabinets. Energy efficiency has been built into every new node generation. Each cabinet can be configured with 16 to 384 TB raw (7.7 TB to 171 TB mirrored or 26.4 TB to 292 TB parity-protected) storage capacity* and cabinets can be linked together for continued scalability. Capacity is added in increments of two nodes, configured as storage nodes and/or access nodes. Each storage node contains processing power, 4 TB raw (up to 1.9 TB mirrored or 3.3 TB parity-protected) or 8 TB raw (up to 3.9 TB mirrored or 6.7 TB parity protected) and 12 TB raw ( (up to 5.7 TB mirrored or 9.9 TB parity protected)storage capacity, and is interconnected with all other nodes in the cluster via a private LAN.* Each node executes its own instance of the CentraStar operating environment. Access nodes are configured in pairs: each access node provides 1 GB per second Ethernet connection. The throughput and capacity needs of the application determine the most appropriate configuration. The Centera system’s RAIN architecture and intelligent operating environment provide non-disruptive terabyte-to-petabyte scalability; self-managing, self-healing, auto-reconfiguration proficiency and guaranteed authenticity of all fixed-content objects.
    Centera Virtual Archive software federates up to 10 Centera clusters and presents the archive to applications as a single Centera environment. It permits customers to optimize their cluster capacity utilization and further reduce storage costs by creating a single, tamper-proof, enterprise-wide, multi-petabyte virtual archive.
    (* Usable capacity calculated for an average file size of 250 KB. Usable capacity will depend on the file size and the number of storage nodes. Minimum allowed configuration for parity protection is eight nodes.)
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