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StoreWay Calypso
 • Holistic approach to data management
StoreWay Calypso
StoreWay Calypso’s holistic approach to data management eliminates the inherent inefficiencies, complications and expenses associated with operating across multiple silos. The software is designed up to share a single platform and streamlines the aggregation of enterprise-wide data, making it much easier to access the information.
Calypso software simplifies an IT organizations ability to manage data across its lifecycle with integrated modules for Backup & Recovery, Archive, Replication, Resource Management and Search.
  • Control the growth and cost of storage
  • Avoid and reduce capital expenditures
  • Speed backup and recovery
  • Enable easy data archive
  • Maximize the use of your storage devices and networks
  • Gain time and cost-savings efficiencies
  • Avoid the need for additional purchases of devices
  • Maximize tape and disk use
    Data is growing exponentially. And technologies like Cloud, Virtualization, Mobility, BYOD, and a movement to a shared services model continue to present new challenges. But new challenges are what progress is all about. StoreWay Calypso has proven that the key to meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow is to anticipate and innovate. And StoreWay Calypso can transform your organization.

      Single platform
    StoreWay Calypso is built from the ground up on a single platform and unified code base for integrated data and information management. You can modernize your data protection and management operations without the complexity of multiple products and silos to facilitate singular information management.

      Simplified management
    With StoreWay Calypso software, you can protect and manage data from virtual and physical servers, applications, NAS shares, cloud-based infrastructures, and mobile devices.

      Automated key processes
    StoreWay Calypso software enables policy-based automation, while role-based access ensures secure management. It also provides built-in alerts and reporting, for easier oversight of your data management operations.

      Smarter data protection
    StoreWay Calypso IntelliSnap™ technology integrates with nearly all of the top storage arrays. So you can easily automate the creation of indexed, application-aware hardware snapshot copies. And, you can accelerate data protection and recovery.

      Streamline operations
    With backup, archive, and reporting built into a single platform, the StoreWay Calypso OnePass™ feature uniquely performs these operations from a single collection of data. Plus, by leveraging built-in source-side deduplication, StoreWay Calypso software ensures that only unique data blocks are transferred over the network and stored on media.

      Insured accessibility
    All StoreWay Calypso-managed data resides within the ContentStore — a safe, efficient, intelligent and accessible virtual repository of all corporate data. You set the policies, and ContentStore intelligently automates the process. Whether you need copies for disaster recovery or regulatory compliance, data within the ContentStore is secure, deduplicated and application-aware for when you need it.
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