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StoreWay Calypso
 • Holistic approach to data management
StoreWay Calypso
StoreWay Calypso’s holistic approach to data management eliminates the inherent inefficiencies, complications and expenses associated with operating across multiple silos. The software is designed up to share a single platform and streamlines the aggregation of enterprise-wide data, making it much easier to access the information.
Calypso software simplifies an IT organizations ability to manage data across its lifecycle with integrated modules for Backup & Recovery, Archive, Replication, Resource Management and Search.
  • Control the growth and cost of storage
  • Avoid and reduce capital expenditures
  • Speed backup and recovery
  • Enable easy data archive
  • Maximize the use of your storage devices and networks
  • Gain time and cost-savings efficiencies
  • Avoid the need for additional purchases of devices
  • Maximize tape and disk use
  • Backup and Recovery
  • StoreWay Calypso delivers proven operational efficiencies and unsurpassed recovery management. It reduces up to 90% of backup and archive data on disk and tape, supporting data centers, physical and virtual servers, remote offices and laptops, all managed from a single console.
  • Archive
  • StoreWay Calypso allows reducing storage costs by migrating data to secondary storage based on defined policies to align retention requirements against company business and operational needs. Policies automate the tasks of identifying and moving data based on rules, while ensuring access remains transparent to users and applications.
  • Replication
  • StoreWay Calypso helps meet service-level agreements for protection and recovery of both remote and core data. It enables you to create secondary copies of production data quickly and efficiently, using a combination of host-based replication and snapshot technologies, while seamlessly transitioning this data into an archive at the appropriate point-in-time.
  • Storage Resource Management
  • StoreWay Calypso enables IT to automate and gain visibility into data scattered across the enterprise networks. With this information, IT can eliminate manual processes, optimize storage utilization and track trends for better planning and cost management.
  • Search
  • StoreWay Calypso offers unprecedented user access to information retained on primary and secondary storage systems across the enterprise. Additionally, it provides users with ways to meet compliance, corporate governance and eDiscovery requirements.
  • 4th Generation Deduplication
  • Deduplication has rapidly become a standard requirement for many IT architects looking to reduce storage costs. Building on its innovation in this area, the fourth generation of Calypso deduplication technology scales beyond single nodes by introducing Parallel Deduplication, which allows you to multiply your capacity, throughput, and resiliency by consolidating multiple deduplication nodes under a single global reference pool.
    - Enterprise Class Scalability – Protect large scale deployments using a “grid” based architecture that combines multiple deduplication nodes into one master set. This enables linear scale out on store size, which is key for Enterprise or Global consolidation.
    - Faster Backups and Recovery – Increase throughput and concurrency by distributing workloads across multiple nodes delivering linear scalability at a rate of 4.5 TB/hr per deduplication node.
    - Resilient Backups – Enable failover protection with Parallel Deduplication by automatically redirecting deduplication processing in the event one node is temporarily inactive.
  • StoreWay Calypso OnePass™ Feature
  • StoreWay Calypos OnePass feature offers a single data collection that delivers, backup, archive, and reporting – minimizing the impact of repetitive operations to file system and Microsoft Exchange messaging environments.

    Automate Data Management and Lower Costs:
    - Eliminate “point” solutions with Calypso revolutionary data management convergence
    - Reduce infrastructure, administrative and overall support costs
    - Consolidate management and policies into a single console to maximize productivity.

    Simplify Management and Improve Operations:
    - Reduce infrastructure demands with less data traversing the network and less impact to the system, improving disk I/O impact
    - Collapse the backup window and improve server performance
    - Increase productivity at the user and administrative levels with optimized system performance and transparent end-user access.

    Meet Discovery Challenges and Reduce Risk:
    - Streamline preservation, legal hold actions and overall discovery for legal teams with a single query data repository and a central deletion point
    - Eliminate data redundancy during the review process to lower third party costs
    - Enable cost-effective long-term retention to meet information governance standards
  • Calypso V10 Automated Management
  • Workflow capabilities in Calypso V10 software let you automate repetitive or highly complex data management tasks. Admins may select from an extensive catalog of typical tasks (such as “Register New Clients”), or create their own custom workflows using an intuitive graphical user interface. Using these advanced tools, admins may automate business tasks by bringing together sets of individual tasks in a specific order or decision tree.

    Fully automate runbooks or replace hours of scripting tasks with a workflow by dragging and dropping the activities that will define your business process.

    The workflow engine provides a library with all the basic tasks needed to design a workflow. If a particular task is not available in the library, you can create your own tasks, which can be web services developed by you or other businesses.

    Easily manage, monitor and troubleshoot workflows from the StoreWay Calypso console GUI, simplifying management to a single pane of glass.

    Leverage fully executable CLI and XML scripts for fast, simple portability and integration into other 3rd Party software applications.
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