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Symantec NetBackup™
 • Complete protection for your information-driven enterprise
Symantec NetBackup™
The NetBackup™ Platform simplifies the protection of your information-driven enterprise by automating advanced technologies and standardizing operations across applications, platforms, and virtual environments. That means being able to protect completely, store efficiently, recover anywhere, and manage centrally across heterogeneous operating systems and storage hardware including tape and disk. Integrated deduplication, replication, and patent-pending virtual machine protection helps customers improve storage efficiency, infrastructure use, and recovery times. Used by companies around the world, NetBackup easily scales to protect the largest UNIX, Windows, and Linux environments.
  • Integrated client- and target-side deduplication
  • Optimized support for virtual environments
  • Heterogeneous data protection
  • Highly scalable
    NetBackup provides a simple yet comprehensive selection of innovative clients and agents to optimize the performance and efficiency of your backup and recovery environment. These clients provide high-performance, online backup and recovery of business-critical databases and applications; enable backup and recovery operations over storage networks; and deliver high levels of data security and complete system-level recovery. Organizations can centrally manage all aspects of backup and recovery operations from an intuitive, graphical user interface (GUI), allowing consistent data protection policies to be established across the enterprise, regardless of the type and number of clients deployed.

      Heterogeneous data protection
    Protection across heterogeneous operating systems, applications, hypervisors, and both disk and tape architectures

      Centralized management
    Increase efficiencies by managing all data protection technologies and multiple NetBackup servers and domains from one location

      Deduplicate everywhere
    NetBackup delivers deduplication everywhere, for remote sites or data centers, and is ideal for the protection of virtual environments.
    Removing redundant data, as close to the source as possible, maximizes the benefits of deduplication. NetBackup has client deduplication built right into the product for fast, secure, and efficient backup and recovery. Client deduplication removes redundant data at the source, which leads to lower CPU, I/O, and memory utilization compared to a traditional backup, freeing up more client resources for production services. Client deduplication can deliver up to 10x faster backups.
    NetBackup has target deduplication built right into the media server which allows it to be used with existing disk. Setup is as easy as clicking a box. The NetBackup media server offers inline deduplication by processing the data streams in flight requiring no extra staging disks for processing, leading to optimal use of storage. Through NetBackup’s storage lifecycle policies, you have the option to implement post-process deduplication.

      Deep integration with storage appliances
    Many deduplication appliances are essentially virtual tape libraries which are based on disk technology, but emulate tape. The NetBackup OpenStorage5 API allows NetBackup to see disk as disk. The whole concept of tape emulation goes away, allowing users of storage appliances with OpenStorage better utilization and the ability to leverage the advanced feature set including deduplication, optimized duplication, virtual synthetics, and direct to tape.

      Complete and simple virtual machine protection
    NetBackup delivers simple and comprehensive data protection for virtual environments by building on the successful foundation of its award-winning VMware support. Virtual machine protection is simplified by centralizing the backup across both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware, speeding up backup times through hypervisor integration (for example, vStorage API), deduplication, and incremental technologies, as well as delivering highly efficient single file restore.

      Fast, granular recovery of data from applications and hypervisors
    NetBackup’s patent-pending Granular Recovery Technology enables fast recovery of files, emails, and other granular objects from environments such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, VMware, Hyper-V, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux. This means that the image can be backedup once, stored once, yet enable two types of restores—the full image for disaster recovery or a granular file.

      Highly scalable
    Benefit from a flexible, three-tiered architecture that scales with the needs of today’s growing data center

      Effective disaster recovery
    Integrated and included at no extra charge, Bare Metal Restore provides all the files and services necessary to perform system recovery, including the ability to perform diskless network booting, temporary OS installation, and disk configuration. This feature boasts a complete system recovery time of approximately 15 minutes on any platform.

    The NetBackup Platform provides a variety of ways to move data offsite to a disaster recovery location in the event a data center is no longer available, whether due to environmental or other factors. The NetBackup Vault Option automates and tracks the moving of tape media offsite to a disaster recovery location. NetBackup provides automatic replication of data securely from one NetBackup master server domain to another and managed centrally from the NetBackup GUI. While backup data is now globally available for immediate recovery from any location -- bandwidth and back-end storage are optimized in that only unique data is replicated. For long-term storage, data can be migrated to a tape device at the DR location. NetBackup RealTime provides live block-level asynchronous or synchronous replication with NetBackup. If used for the protection of the NetBackup catalog, it is free of charge.

      Comprehensive data security
    NetBackup provides flexible technologies to secure data, including access and authorization control and disk and tape encryption methods. Highlights include:
    - Source/Client encryption for the highest security as data is protected while in transit and in media.
    - Media Server Encryption Option provides more flexibility for backup to tape and leverages the NetBackup media server, thereby avoiding client performance impact.
    - Centralized and integrated key management service for encrypted tape drives.
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