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EMC NetWorker™
 • Centralized Automated and Accelerated Data Protection
EMC NetWorker™
NetWorker™ enterprise backup and recovery software centralizes, automates and accelerates data backup and recovery across your IT environment. Boasting record-breaking performance and flexibility, NetWorker protects critical business data in a fast, secure and easy to manage way.
  • Heterogeneous platform and storage support
  • Centralized Management and Control
  • Advanced backup and replication technologies
  • Management of virtual environments
    The NetWorker family is a fast and flexible backup and recovery solution. It provides high performance and support for the latest disk backup and snapshot technologies. NetWorker protects business critical data by centralizing, simplifying and accelerating backup and recovery operations across heterogeneous environment. It reduces management overhead by automating the protection of storage assets in direct-attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) environments from the largest corporate data centers to the smallest branch offices.

    NetWorker is continuously improved to simplify management installation and usability.
    NetWorker delivers powerful application integration with add-on application modules including Oracle, Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server, EMC Documentum, IBM DB2, Informix and Lotus Notes, SAP R/3 on Oracle and Sybase.

      Centralized protection in heterogeneous environments
  • Protects Unix, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, MacOS X and NetWare systems in DAS, NAS and SAN environments
  • Delivers online backup and granular recovery for leading database, messaging and ERP applications
  • Supports a wide range of clustering solutions
  • Provides protection for NDMP-compliant NAS file servers
  • Performs full, incremental and differential backups with user-defines schedules

  •   Performance and reliability
  • Provides instant backup and rapid recovery through snapshots
  • Leverages LAN, SAN and WAN connectivity with flexible backup/recovery capabilities
  • Automates multi-tier storage management with optional staging to intermediate high-spped disk
  • Utilizes tape drive speeds and compression ratios with multiplexing

  •   Enterprise scalability
  • Enables protection of hundred of client server and workstations with a single backup server
  • Load-sharing with Storage Nodes to increase scalability and performance and deliver LAN-free protection
  • Restores data from tapes created on Unix, Windows, OpenVMS, NetWare or Linux backup servers

  •   Easy to use and manage
  • Built-in configuration wizards to guide and simplify setup and modification of backup operations
  • Common sign-on through integration with enterprise user directories such as LDAP or Active Directory
  • Auto-discovery and visualization of virtual server environments through integration with VMware Virtual Center
  • Advanced search capabilities to reduce recovery time by finding and accessing backup data quickly and easily
  • Enhanced reporting, intelligent backup correlation and impact analysis to reduce the time to troubleshoot backup and recovery issues and avoid future problems
  • Centralized software distribution enables easy remote installation of patches and updates

  •   Advanced management of virtualized environments
  • Enables fast, efficient VMware infrastructure backup options using traditional or de-duplication backup
  • Backup at the Guest or Service Console, or leverage VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB), to deliver non-disruptive, off-host protection
  • Auto-discovery and visualization of the VMware environment ensures protection of new and moved virtual machines

  •   Application modules and options
    NetWorker optional application modules provide automated, online protection and granular recovery (data files, table spaces, messages) for leading databases, mail and ERP applications. These modules eliminate the need for custom scripting and through full integration with vendor APIs, enable customers to achieve 24x7 application access, ensure application integrity, and provide reliable protection. They enable fast-recovery such increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

    NetWorker options add specialized functionality to basic backup and recovery operations. They can be used with any combination of NetWorker and its modules to enhance performance, simplify management and provide disaster recovery.
    Main options are:
  • DiskBackup Option
  • Dynamic Drive Sharing Option
  • Management Console Option
  • NDMP Client Connection Option
  • Virtual Tape Option
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