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TS3500 Library
  Scalability, High Availability, Capacity and High Density
TS3500 Library
A highly scalable, automated tape solution to address information availability, security, retention and compliance
The TS3500 library is designed to provide a highly scalable, automated tape library for open systems backup and archive in enterprise environments.
  • 500 to 20000 slots
  • Capacity up to 150 PB uncompressed mode
  • High Density Technology
  • Support of IBM proprietary tape drives and LTO tape drives
  • Data High Availability and reliability
  • Reduction of environment impact

    This function increases system reliability and availability.
    The TS3500 library is available with two optional robotic accessors with TS3500 HA1 frame.

    The TS3500 answers to storage consolidation architecture needs with support of various systems, mixity of IBM proprietary and open world tape drives and easy evolutivity.

    Storage requirements are exploding in the enterprise with rapid growth of information volume.
    At the same time floor space in the data center is becoming a constraint.
    To balance out these diverging priorities the TS3500 tape library supports storage-only, library frames with high density technology to store up to 1 000 IBM proprietary cartridges and 1 320 LTO cartridges.
    The S24 High Density frame contains a maximum of 1 000 IBM proprietary cartridges.
    The S54 high Density frame contains a maximum of 1320 LTO cartridges.

    The TS3500 tape library is designed with a number of advanced features to deliver cutting-edge performance and long-term value.
    The modular architecture is composed of a base frame and up to 15 extension frames. The library offers a flexible capacity from 500 to 20 000 cartridges with up to 150 PO for TS1150 cartridges in uncompressed mode.
    The L23 base frame and the D23 expansion frame are equipped with IBM proprietary tape drives.
    The L53 base frame and the D53 expansion frame are equipped with LTO tape drives
    Remote management is supported via Web interface for library control and configuration.
    The Advanced Library Management System (ALMS) feature supports dynamic storage management, allowing logical libraries
    The IBM proprietary or LTO-5/LTO-6 tape drives, the High Availability and High Density frames require Advanced Library Management System (ALMS).

    The TS3500 library supports the IBM proprietary tape drives: TS1150, TS1140 and TS1130, and LTO tape drives: LTO-6, LTO-5 and LTO-4.
    Up to 192 drives can be configured with integration of mixed drives in the TS3500 library.
    The TS3500 library supports IBM proprietary TS1150, TS1140, TS1130 tape drive encryption and TS1040, TS1050 and TS1060 tape drive encryption to garantee data confidentiality in case of save cartridges lost.
    The tape drives integrate data encryption feature to garantee the high level of data availability.

    The TS3500 library optimizes maximum use of the floor space thanks to the High Density frame
    The library architecture offers power save.
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