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Overland NEO 200S 12 slots
 • Simple and Affordable Automated Backup, Recovery and Archive
Overland NEO 200S 12 slots
Designed for IT offices with limited space, limited resources and limited budgets, the NEO S family of automated tape libraries delivers simple, affordable unattended backup, disaster recovery and archive.
Packaged in a compact 2U form factor, the NEO 200S delivers the entry-level capability needed by most small and medium sized businesses.
  • 12 slots
  • SCSI or SAS Connectivity
  • LTO-4 or LTO-5
  • Up to 36 TB compressed capacity
  • Compact 2U form factor
    Ultrium LTO
    Regardless of whether you’re a small office, medium-sized business or distributed network environment, NEOs solutions meet a variety of backup and archive needs. While NEOs configurations vary by capacity and feature set, reliability, simplicity and affordability are at the heart of every NEOs model. Available in two models, a 12 cartridge autoloader and a 24-cartridge library, the NEO 200s provides up to 72 TB of backup and archive capacity.

      Ease of use
    Web-based remote management ensures easy and convenient management of the backup and archive process from anywhere in the world. Removable cartridge magazines ensure easy access to data and reduce media handling costs. Standard barcode readers provide faster inventory times and facilitate tracking of media. User-configurable mail slots provide easy, secure access to individual tape cartridges.

      Ease of installation
    All NEOs libraries are delivered as rack-ready for quick installation into a standard 19” rack.

      Investment protection
    NEOs libraries utilize industry-leading IBM LTO tape drives designed to provide the optimum performance and reliability. Tape drives are easily removed and replaced, providing for easy upgradeability to next-generation tape drive technologies.
    Available in SCSI (except for LTO-5 configurations) or SAS configurations, NEO 200S 12 slots libraries provide flexible connectivity options for a wide range of environments.

      Data Availability
    NEOs libraries provide peace of mind with a field proven reliability of more than 2,000,000 robotic movements between failures.

      Extensive compatibility
    NEOS libraries are compatible with a wide range of backup software applications include CommVault Simpana/StoreWay Calypso, Veritas NetBackup and EMC NetWorker.
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