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EMC Data Domain DD990
 • Protection Storage for Backup and Archive
EMC Data Domain DD990
EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems continue to revolutionize backup, archiving, and disaster recovery with high-speed, inline deduplication.
  • Fast Inline Deduplication: Up to 31 TB/hr performance; CPU-centric scalability
  • Scalable Deduplication Storage: Reduces backup storage requirements by 10 to 30 times; Reduces archive storage requirements by up to 5x
  • Data Invulnerability Architecture: Inline write/read verification, continuous fault detection and healing; Dual disk parity RAID 6
  • Easy Integration: Supports leading enterprise backup and archive applications for database, file, email, virtual environments and more
  • Backup and Archive Consolidation: Simultaneously supports backup and archive data; Meets governance policies and compliance regulations for archive data
  • Fast, Efficient and Scalable Disaster Recovery: Reduce bandwidth requirements by up to 99 percent; Replicate from up to 270 remote sites into a single system
  • Operational Simplicity: Lower administrative costs; Automatic call-home reporting; Reduced footprint
  • Cloud-Reay: Secure multi-tenancy provides logical isolation of user data

    Data Domain systems provide throughput up to 31 TB/hour, enabling more backups to complete sooner, reducing pressure on backup windows.

    EMC Data Domain systems deduplicate data inline during the backup or archive process, which maximizes backup performance and minimizing disk storage requirements. The deduplicated data can also be replicated over the WAN to a remote site for disaster recovery operations, eliminating the need for tape-based backups, or for consolidating tape backups to a central location. Data Domain systems provide flexible replication topologies to optimize your backups, such as full system mirroring, selective, bi-directional, many-to-one, one-to-many, and cascaded. Data Domain Systems provide the capability to co-locate both backup and archive workloads on the same infrastructure allowing greater consolidation by eliminating silos of storage and asscoated overhead.

    The key to enabling industry leading performance while minimizing disk requirements is the EMC Data Domain Stream-Informed Segment Layout (SISLTM) scaling architecture. Specifically, SISL leverages the continued advancement of CPU performance to continuously increase Data Domain system performance by minimizing disk accesses required to deduplicate data.

    By reducing backup and archive storage requirements by 10 to 30x, Data Domain systems can help significantly reduce the storage footprint for a typical enterprise data set. With deduplication, multiple months of retention on disk is possible using the same number of “floor tiles” that would traditionally provided only a couple of days of disk staging.

    Data Domain systems are designed as the storage of last resort – built to ensure you can reliably recover your data with confidence. The EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture is built into every Data Domain system to provide the industry’s best defense against data integrity issues.

    Inline write and read verification protects against and automatically recovers from data integrity issues during data ingest and retrieval. Capturing and correcting I/O errors inline during the backup process eliminates the need to repeat backup jobs, ensuring backups complete on time and satisfy service-level agreements. In addition, continuous fault detection and self-healing ensures data remains recoverable throughout its lifecycle on a Data Domain system.

    DD OS provides secure multi-tenancy that enables data protection-as-aservice for large enterprises and services providers who are looking to offer services based on Data Domain in a private or public cloud.

    As well as its extensive product portfolio, Bull StoreWay offers product support and a complete range of services, from consultancy through to system design, integration and maintenance. From the factory pre-integration of storage solution right through to project management, installation and support services, Bull StoreWay provides tailored assistance to ensure rapid, well- managed implementation.

    The Bull Executive Briefing Centers offer a full range of activities and seminars (incl. proofs of concept demonstrations, customer teamings ...).

    Bull provides the support level 1 & 2 of EMC Data Domain systems.
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