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StoreWay Virtuo 7.3
 • The highway to virtualize back-up for mission-critical data
StoreWay Virtuo 7.3
The StoreWay™ Virtuo family of Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) reduces the cost and streamlines the administration of data protection throughout the organisation. By consolidating and optimizing existing backup operations, StoreWay™ Virtuo delivers outstanding levels of performance, reliability and flexibility in both Open and Mainframe backup environments.

StoreWay™ Virtuo solutions integrate seamlessly into existing backup environments, protecting existing backup software investments, and delivering immediate benefits including reduced backup and restore times, improved reliability of backup and restore operations, and Disaster Recovery support.

  Outstanding Performance
Backing up data to disk enables high performance and more reliable data recovery than traditional magnetic tape backup.

StoreWay™ Virtuo is the most performant VTL of the market with the sustained performance up to 20 TB/hr, thanks to the innovate algorithms such as : the continuous cache allocation and deallocation to eliminate the impact of space reclamation processes, simultaneous multiple backup and recovery operations to accelerate back-up and restore operations.

  Optimised Storage Usage
A capacity optimisation feature with data reduction at a hardware level reduces storage usage. StoreWay™ Virtuo hardware data reduction ratio can be up to 7:1 (7 TB data stored in 1 TB of disk space). The data reduction provided by StoreWay Virtuo enables more back-up data to remain on-line for fast restore and reduced storage usage.

  Highly Secured Backup
Backup security is built in the heart of StoreWay™ Virtuo. It supports a disk cache in a RAID-1 or RAID-5 configuration and has redundant fibre-channel connectivity that allows StoreWay™ Virtuo to continue to fonction even following disk or hardware connectivity failures.

Various Disaster Recovery levels are also proposed by StoreWay™ Virtuo:

- Tape vaulting (Y copy and 3rd copy) feature allows several backup copies to be kept,
- Standby feature allows synchronized replication from one Virtuo appliance (at production site) to another one Virtuo alliance (at secondary site) by using mirroring mechanism. Physical tapes can also be duplicated to two different tape libraries by using Vaulting feature. The Disaster Recovery contingency is supported through the fail-over, in the event of failure, to either a production or secondary site. In the event of a robotic failure, the disk cache larger than 250 TB ensures backup continuity,
- Advanced DR feature permits multiple production sites, with one StoreWay™ Virtuo applicance at each site, replicating selected back-up data to a secondary site. This mission critical data can be transferred over a network link which is not necessary high throughput, and then stored in a centralized backup site with an optimal StoreWay™ Virtuo configuration which is usually smaller than the configuration at production sites.

  Seamless Integration
To ensure seamless integration within mainframe environment (Bull/GCOS, IBM/MVS-z/OS) and open world, StoreWay™ Virtuo is seen either as a tape library by the backup software in the open world or as a stand-alone tape drive in the mainframe environment.

Thanks to the use of available standard interfaces, existing backup software and tape library investments are protected. Changes in physical media become easy to manage and make it possible to preserve the backed-up data over the long term. StoreWay™ Virtuo ensures coordinated management of several data backup media, saving the data at the same time to disk and tape.

  A wide range of services
Putting an adequate backup solution into place within the company requires the involvement of experts with deep knowledge of a large number of environments.

Based on its wide experience in proprietary and open system architectures, Bull offers high level services ranging from consulting to information system integration as well as implementation, including, in particular, the definition of a data backup policy and the implementation of the complete infrastructure necessary for optimal use of the solution
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