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Bull StoreWay Virtuo NV Series
 • The highway to virtualize the backup of mission-critical data
Bull StoreWay Virtuo NV Series
The StoreWay Virtuo family of Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) reduces the cost and streamlines the administration of data protection throughout the organisation. By consolidating and optimizing existing backup operations, StoreWay Virtuo delivers outstanding levels of performance, reliability and flexibility in both Open and Mainframe backup environments. StoreWay Virtuo solutions integrate seamlessly into existing backup environments, protecting existing backup software investments, and delivering immediate benefits including reduced backup and restore times, improved reliability of backup and restore operations, and Disaster Recovery support.
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Flexibility at the service of customer backup policies with different Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions
  • Optimised Storage Usage
  • Highly Secured Backup
  • Close integration with major backup applications
  • Seamless Integration with support of multiple backup environments (Open and Mainframe)
  • Emulated Hardware
  • º Open / GCOS7 / GCOS8 Open/Gcos7: Oracle (Sun StorageTek) tape drives and libraries 9840, L180 and L700; GCOS8: Oracle (Sun StorageTek) tape drive 9840
    º MVS/zOS IBM Tape drives 3480, 3490 and 3590
  • Cache disk size (min/max)
  • º Virtuo NV P810 1.2 TB
    º Virtuo NV P820 672 TB
    º Virtuo NV P840 1 PB
  • Max. number of Virtual Libraries
  • º Virtuo NV P810 2
    º Virtuo NV P820 4
    º Virtuo NV P840 16
  • Max. number of Virtual Tape Drives
  • º Virtuo NV P810 10
    º Virtuo NV P820 64
    º Virtuo NV P840 384
  • Host Connectivity Open/GCOS
  • º Virtuo NV P810 1 FC (8 Gb or 4 Gb)
    º Virtuo NV P820 1 - 2 FC (8 Gb or 4 Gb)
    º Virtuo NV P840 2 - 5 FC (8 Gb or 4 Gb)
  • Host Connectivity MVS/zOS
  • º Virtuo NV P810 No
    º Virtuo NV P820 Input: 1 - 50 ESCON, 1 - 4 FICON; output: 4 FC
    º Virtuo NV P840 Input: 1 - 50 ESCON, 1 - 4 FICON; output: 4 FC
  • CPU / Cache Memory
  • º Virtuo47xx , , ,
    º Virtuo NV P810 1 processor of 4 cores, 3 GHz/ 8 GB memory
    º Virtuo NV P820 1 processor of 4 cores, 3 GHz/ 8 GB memory
    º Virtuo NV P840 1 - 2 processors, 4 cores per processor, 3.3 GHz/ 16 - 32 GB memory
  • Physical Libraries supported
  • º Virtuo NV P810 Yes: Overland NEO 4000E and Refurbished STK L180/L700
    º Virtuo NV P820 Yes: most of physical tape librairies of the market (compatibility matrix)
    º Virtuo NV P840 Yes: most of physical tape librairies of the market (compatibility matrix)
  • Physical Tape Drives supported
  • º Virtuo NV P810 LTO, STK 9840B/C/D
    º Virtuo NV P820 LTO, STK 9840B/C/D, STK 9940B
    º Virtuo NV P840 LTO, STK 9840B/C/D, STK 9940B
  • Remote Library Support
  • º Virtuo NV P810 No
    º Virtuo NV P820 Yes
    º Virtuo NV P840 Yes
  • Maximum Troughput
  • º virtuo NV P810 100 GB/h*
    º virtuo NV P820 6.36 TB/h*
    º virtuo NV P840 23 TB/h*
  • Supported host platforms
  • Bull GCOS7, GCOS8, IBM MVS- z/OS , AIX, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Unisys
  • Back-up Software interfaces
  • º Open Bull StoreWay Calypso, Bull OpenSave, CommVault Galaxy, CommVault Simpana, IBM iTSM, Symantec (Veritas) NetBackup; EMC² (Legato) NetWorker, HP DataProtector, SUN (StorageTek) ACSLS, Atempo Time Navigator
    º Proprietary Bull OpenSave (GCOS7), TMS (GCOS8), IBM MVS- z/OS: DFSMSrmm, DFSMSdfp, DFSMShsm, CA1, CA-TLMS, CTL-T, Zara
  • Single module rackmount (HxWxD)
  • 19U (103.5x60x111.5 cm) or 42U (202x60x120 cm)
  • Standard warranty
  • World Wide; 1-year Hardware Support, 9x5, Next Business Day, on-site
  • Warranty extension
  • Bull’s Global Care offer: Silver and Gold levels; depends on location
  • Note 1
  • *: w/ data reduction when data is not compressed in input
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