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Bull StoreWay Virtuo NV Series
  The highway to virtualize the backup of mission-critical data
Bull StoreWay Virtuo NV Series
The StoreWay Virtuo family of Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL) reduces the cost and streamlines the administration of data protection throughout the organisation. By consolidating and optimizing existing backup operations, StoreWay Virtuo delivers outstanding levels of performance, reliability and flexibility in both Open and Mainframe backup environments. StoreWay Virtuo solutions integrate seamlessly into existing backup environments, protecting existing backup software investments, and delivering immediate benefits including reduced backup and restore times, improved reliability of backup and restore operations, and Disaster Recovery support.
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Flexibility at the service of customer backup policies with different Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions
  • Optimised Storage Usage
  • Highly Secured Backup
  • Close integration with major backup applications
  • Seamless Integration with support of multiple backup environments (Open and Mainframe)

      Outstanding Performance
    Backing up data to disk enables high performance and more reliable data recovery than traditional magnetic tape environments. Supporting a high number of virtual tape drives, StoreWay Virtuo enables multiple simultaneous backup and recovery operations, increasing backup & restore performance. StoreWay Virtuo is the highest performing VTL on the market with a sustained performance up to 45 TB/hr through the use of innovative algorithms that reduce the number of I/O operations within the StoreWay Virtuo system. The modular architecture of StoreWay Virtuo enables scalability in both performance and capacity.

      Close integration with major backup applications
    Every backup application has its own pool management, with cartridges having various status (eg. scratch, empty, private). StoreWay Virtuo takes it into account and backups data with maximum efficiency in terms of the backup and restore performance, as well as storage resource utilisation.

      Flexibility at the service of your backup policies
    With different Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for data protection, StoreWay Virtuo allows tape vaulting, synchronous replication over Fibre Channel for 2-site DR and asynchronous bi-directional replication over FCoE or over IP for multi-site DR.

      Optimised Storage Usage
    A capacity optimisation feature with data reduction at a hardware level reduces storage usage. The StoreWay Virtuo data reduction ratio can be up to 7:1 (7 TB data stored in 1 TB of disk space). The data reduction provided by StoreWay Virtuo enables more back-up data to remain on-line for fast restore and reduced storage usage. Continuous cache allocation eliminates invalid volumes from the disk cache and tape, saving storage space.
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