bullx S6010
 • High-density compute nodes
bullx S6010
With the bullx supernode family, Bull offers you made-to-measure solutions based on industry standards so you can go even further, demand more from your systems, innovate even faster, and turn the corner into the future at the head of the pack.
  • 4 Intel® Xeon® processors (E7 Family)
  • Expandable: up to 4 x 4-socket SMP nodes can be interconnected, through a bull-designed switch, to form a large SMP node with up to 16 sockets
  • Very large memory capacity (up to 512GB with 16GB DIMMS)
    Windows Server 2008RedHatSuSEXeon Inside 2009
    The exclusive format of bullx S6010 nodes - 1.5U L-shaped drawers that fit together in pairs to form a 3U drawer - delivers outstanding density for a high-end HPC node.
    They are the ideal foundation to build large-scale HPC clusters while minimizing the number of nodes, and thus simplifying the infrastructure and operation of the chole system.
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