bullx S6030
 • Service nodes: enhanced I/O and storage capabilities
bullx S6030
With the bullx supernode family, Bull offers you made-to-measure solutions based on industry standards so you can go even further, demand more from your systems, innovate even faster, and turn the corner into the future at the head of the pack.
  • 3U drawer
  • 4 Intel® Xeon® processors (E7 Family)
  • Up to 8000 GB of storage
  • Expandable: up to 4 x 4-socket SMP nodes can be interconnected, through a bull-designed switch, to form a large SMP node with up to 16 sockets
  • Very large memory capacity (up to 512GB with 16GB DIMMS)
    Windows Server 2008RedHatSuSEXeon Inside 2009
    The bullx S6030 nodes offer advanded connectivity features, an enhanced power supply, extended storage options and redundancy features. So they are ideally suited to act as management or I/O nodes. They can also be coupled to a GPU system.
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