bullx R423 E2
 • Enhanced Extreme Computing servers designed for use as service nodes
bullx R423 E2
With the bullx R423 E2 server, Bull upgrades its range of HPC-specific servers. The bullx R423 E2 service node combines advanced connectivity features, extended storage options and redundancy, to ensure efficient and reliable service.
  • 2x Intel® Xeon® processors (series 5600)
  • QPI up to 6.4 GT/s
  • Up to 8 SATA2 or SAS disks or 8 SSD drives
  • Up to 192GB Reg ECC DDR3 memory
  • 7 PCI-Express 2.0 slots
  • Redundant PSU
  • Rack mount 2U
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    The bullx R423 E2 rack server is not a general-purpose server: it was designed with Extreme Computing in mind, to combine the qualities expected of an efficient service node.
    It is equipped with two new generation Intel® Xeon® processors (series 5600, up to 6 cores), and supports Linux and Windows® HPC Server 2008 R2 environments.

      Enhanced I/O and storage capabilities in a 2U form factor
    The bullx R423 E2 server is ideally suited for use as service node, in combination with bullx B or bullx R compute nodes, to make up a powerful and cost-efficient Extreme Computing cluster.
    In only 2U, it offers the advanced connectivity features and the extended storage options that make an efficient service node:
    - Reinforced connectivity, with 2/4/1 PCI-E 2.0 x16/ x8/ x4 slots to support InfiniBand QDR, very high speed network boards, and ultra fast single or dual port 8Gb/s Fiber Channel cards
    - Up to 6.4GT/s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
    - Enhanced memory capacity and throughput with up to 18 DIMM’s ensuring up to 192GB Reg. ECC DDR3
    - High internal storage capacity with up to 8 SATA2 or SAS disks or 8 SSD drives (hot-swap) and support of RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 with the PCI-Express SAS/SATA RAID add-on board

      Reliability features
    Because a service node must be able to provide cluster administration services without any disruption, the bullx R423 E2 is also equipped with :
    - Redundant Power Supply Unit with airflow and thermal control
    - Hot-swap cooling fans

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