bullx R424 E2
 • Breakthrough computing density and ease of maintenance
bullx R424 E2
The R424 E2 servers, like the other R42x compute nodes, are ultra-dense servers equipped with new-generation Intel® Xeon® processors, and are ideally sized to deliver the level of performance needed by power-hungry Extreme Computing applications. They also guarantee an optimal availability rate, thanks to redundancy features and ease of maintenance.
  • Rack mount 2U drawer accommodating 4 servers
  • 4x 2 hexa core Intel® Xeon® (56xx)
  • 4x Intel S5520 chipset
  • 4x 3 front-access hot-swap entrerprise-class HDD or SSD
  • Up to 4 x 6000GB
  • Up to 4x 12 DIMM sockets
  • Up to 4x 192GB Reg ECC DIMM DDR3
  • 2 redundant hot-swap PSUs - in case of failure, the remaining PSU takes over without any disruption
  • "Hot-swap nodes": a node can be replaced while the remaining nodes continue to operate
    Windows Server 2008RedHatSuSEXeon Inside 2009
    The bullx R424 E2 4x 2-socket rack servers, based on Intel® Xeon® processors, support Linux and Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008 R2 environments. They are ideally suited for use as compute nodes, in combination with bullx R423 E2 service nodes.

      Designed for Extreme Computing
    The bullx R424 E2 combines all features needed to deliver high-level performance for complex workloads:
    - The top performance of 4x 2 Intel® Xeon® processors (5600 series, up to 6 cores, or up to 3.2GHz)
    - Astounding and scalable bandwidth with the Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) technology – providing point-to-point high-speed links to distributed shared memory
    - High memory capacity (up to 4x 192GB DDR3 1066 MHz memory)
    - High-end connectivity, with 4x PCI-Express Gen 2 (16x) slots
    - Embedded InfiniBand QDR adapter
    - Enhanced internal storage capacity with up to 4x3 SATA2 disks (up to 3x 2000GB per node)
    - Best-in-class, scalable remote management features, with IPMI2.

      Breakthrough computing density
    The innovative packaging of the bullx R424 E2 allows to fit 4 servers into a 2U chassis.
    With up to 48 cores, up to 587.5 Gflops in 2U, the R424 E2 offers outstanding density, but with the flexibility of commodity servers. It saves on chassis, power supply, cabling, and rack costs. Its outstanding density allows to minimise footprint and significantly reduce real estate or rental costs.
    To get full benefit from the density of the bullx R424 E2, Bull recommends the use of racks fitted with the Bull Cool Cabinet Door.

      Eco-friendly energy efficiency
    The bullx R424 E2 chassis features a 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply Unit.
    And for even more energy efficiency, the R424 E2 includes optimized cooling features such as PWM cooling fans and air shrouds.

      Outstanding system availability
    The bullx R424 E2 was designed with ease of maintenance in mind:
    - 2 redundant hot-swap PSUs - in case of failure of one of the PSUs, the other PSU takes over, and the faulty PSU can be replaced without any disruption;
    - each node is "hot-swappable" and screwless: a node can be extracted for maintenance while the other 3 nodes continue to operate.
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