bullx 42U Rack’n Roll™ 1200
 • The Novascale and StoreWay Bull Rack line
bullx 42U Rack’n Roll™ 1200
The 42U rack cabinet Rack’n Roll 1200, is an essential part of the R@ck’n Roll™ offer allowing custom-configured rack-mounted solutions. The R@ck’n Roll™ offer includes our full range of servers and storage sub-systems, all factory installed, pre-cabled and tested.
  • 42U 19" transportable fully loaded rack, 600mm width, 1200mm depth
  • 6x Zero-U slots available for Power Distribution Units
  • Factory integrated, cabled and tested
  • Optimal cooling with vented front and rear doors
  • Large cabling zone allowing vertical paths
  • Improved rear zone for optimal cooling
  • Pass through all standard height doors and lift doors on castors
  • Vertical mounting strips with 9.5mm square holes
  • Shipped fully mounted

      A modular solution for High Availability, SAN & Web configurations
    Configurations acquired through the R@ck’n Roll program are optimized for Windows and Linux servers. They include:
  • The full range of 1- to 4-way Intel Xeon processor-based Bull NovaScale Universal
  • The full range of NovaScale Blade servers
  • A comprehensive variety of storage subsystems: JBOD, RAID, SAS, Fibre Channel, …
  • Back up tapes and tape libraries
  • A selection of accessories: Power Distribution Units (PDU), Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Consoles, Keyboard Video Monitor (KVM) switches, …
    This highly modular architecture allows the customer to build adaptive SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructures, e-infrastructures, cluster nodes and high-availability configurations. All components, including rack cabinets and cabling, are stress-tested at Bull’s production facility and are compliant with Environmental Standards and Transportability requirements.

  •   Easy transportation
    The fully assembled, cabled and tested R@ck’n Roll configuration is packaged and palletized at the Bull factory door for easy shipping by road and/or air.
    The Bull 42U rack allows to pass through all standard doors and lift doors without pallet, on castors.

      State of the Art Design
    6x Zero-U vertical slots at the rear of the 42U cabinet for PDUs.
    Vented front and rear doors, improved cabling zone for optimum air flow.
    600mm width, 1200mm depth to fit with computer rooms floor slabs.
    Strong structure allowing transport with 840Kg load.
    Strong castors allowing 1000Kg moving in the computer room.
    Standard delivery includes the following accessories: side panels, front fillers, door locks and keys.
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