17" KVM rack console
  Compact 1U rack-console
17" KVM rack console
The 17" KVM Rack console includes a keyboard, TFT monitor and touchpad, occupying only one height unit (1U) in a 19" rack. It can be connected to an optional KVM switch, opening up additional units of rack space while simplifying the administration of rack-mounted servers.
  • 17" TFT flat color screen monitor (1280 x 1024)
  • Standard 88-button keyboard and Microsoft-compatible touchpad with double-click
  • Display and keyboard protected when pushed in
  • Tray locks for transport safety

      Simplified management
    The Bull KVM rack console contains a 17" TFT monitor, a complete keyboard and an additional touchpad which can be connected to the various servers accomodated in one single rack through KVM switches. This helps create an ergonomically optimized workplace while ensuring simplified management and maintenance thus providing an excellent price/performance ratio.

      Space saving
    The 17" KVM rack console is implemented as a slide-in tray and occupies only a single height unit (1U) in a rack. Usually a standard 17" monitor takes up 9 height units (9U) of valuable space, and the keyboard with its mouse at least an additional height unit. These units could be put to better use to accomodate more servers or storage subsystems or a UPS. The compact dimensions of the Bull 17" KVM rack console allow it to be used where space and environmental conditions would not allow a conventionl CRT monitor to be used, i.e. air-conditioned rooms or machine-oriented applications.

      Ergonomic design
    The TFT monitor has an adjustable tilting angle and is mounted behing the keyboard with its integrated touchpad. When not in use, the monitor can be folded into the tray. When pulled out, the tray locks into place.
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