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NovaScale 42U Rack To Build™ 1200
 • The Bull Novascale customer installable rack line
NovaScale 42U Rack To Build™ 1200
The 42U rack cabinet (Rack To Build 1200), is dedicated for on-site installations.
This rack has been designed for customers that need high quality at the best price.
With six Zero-U slots for PDUs, strong castors to allow movement when loaded in the computer room, this rack is compatible with most of the servers, storage subsystems, KVM or switches available on the market.
  • 42U 19" rack, 600mm width, 1200mm depth
  • 6x Zero-U slots available for Power Distribution Units
  • Dedicated to on-site installations
  • Optimal cooling with vented front and rear doors
  • Rolling on strong castors
  • Pass through all standard height doors and lift doors on castors
  • Vertical mounting strips with 9.5mm square holes

      A strong rack dedicated to the most demanding infrastructures
    The Bull 42U rack 1200 benefits from years of experience of Bull in IT infrastrucures.
    With a strong frame and vertical mounting strips, six Zero-U slots allowing the integration of the Power Distribution Units, and optimal cooling doors, the 42U Rack To Build 1200 is perfect for all kinds of IT infrastructures.
    The customer can integrate their own elements or choose among a list of Bull accessories such as Power Distribution Units (PDU), Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), Consoles, Keyboard Video Monitor (KVM) switches, … and also Bull servers or Bull storage sub-systems.

      State of the Art Design
    6x Zero-U vertical slots at the rear of the 42U cabinet for PDUs.
    Vented front and rear doors for optimum air flow.
    600mm width to fit with computer rooms floor slabs.
    Strong structure allowing a static 1000Kg load.
    Strong castors allowing 800Kg moving in the computer room.
    Standard delivery includes the following accessories: side panels, door locks and keys.
    The Bull 42U rack will pass through all standard doors and lift doors (without pallet), on castors.
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