Ethernet Switch Cisco Catalyst 3560G
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Ethernet Switch Cisco Catalyst 3560G
The Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series is a line of fixed-configuration, enterprise-class switches that include IEEE 802.3af and Cisco pre-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet configurations. These are ideal access layer switches for small enterprise LAN access or branch-office environments. Combining both 10/100/1000 and PoE configurations for maximum productivity and investment protection, they help you deploy new applications such as IP telephony, wireless access, video surveillance, building management systems, and remote video kiosks.
  • 1U enclosure
  • 24x Ethernet 10/100/1000T and 2 SFP ports
  • or 48x Ethernet 10/100/1000T and 4 SFP ports
  • 38.7 Mpps based on 64-byte packets

      Power over Ethernet
    The Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series can provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for deployments that incorporate Cisco IP phones, Cisco Aironet® wireless LAN (WLAN) access points, or any IEEE 802.3af-compliant end device. PoE removes the need for wall power to each PoE-enabled device and eliminates the cost for additional electrical cabling that would otherwise be necessary in IP phone and WLAN deployments.

      Gigabit Ethernet
    At speeds of 1000 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet provides the bandwidth to meet new and evolving network demands, alleviate bottlenecks, and boost performance while increasing the return on existing infrastructure investments. Today’s workers are placing higher demands on networks, running multiple, concurrent applications. For example, a worker joins a team conference call through an IP videoconference, sends a 10-MB spreadsheet to meeting participants, broadcasts the latest marketing video for the team to evaluate, and queries the customer-relationship-management database for the latest real-time feedback.

      Intelligence in the Network
    Networks of today are evolving to address four new developments at the network edge:
  • Increase in desktop computing power
  • Introduction of bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Expansion of highly sensitive data on the network
  • Presence of multiple device types, such as IP phones, WLAN access points, and IP video cameras

    These new demands are contending for resources with many existing mission-critical applications. As a result, IT professionals must view the edge of the network as critical to effectively manage the delivery of information and applications.

  •   Enhanced Security
    With the wide range of security features that the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series offers, businesses can protect important information, keep unauthorized people off the network, guard privacy, and maintain uninterrupted operation.
    Cisco Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS) provides authentication, access control, and security policy administration to secure network connectivity and resources.

    Cisco IBNS in the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series prevents unauthorized access and helps ensure that users get only their designated privileges. It provides the ability to dynamically administer granular levels of network access. Using the 802.1x standard and the Cisco Access Control Server (ACS), users
    can be assigned a VLAN or an ACL upon authentication, regardless of where they connect to the network. This setup allows IT departments to enable strong security policies without compromising user mobility-and with minimal administrative overhead.

      Availability and Scalability
    The Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series is equipped with a robust set of features that allow for network scalability and higher availability through IP routing as well as a complete suite of Spanning Tree Protocol enhancements aimed to maximize availability in a Layer 2 network.

    The Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches deliver high-performance, hardware-based IP routing. The Cisco Express Forwarding-based routing architecture allows for increased scalability and performance. This architecture allows for very high-speed lookups while also ensuring the stability and scalability necessary to meet the needs of future requirements. In addition to dynamic IP unicast routing, the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series is perfectly equipped for networks requiring multicast support. Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping in hardware make the Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series switches ideal for intensive multicast environments.
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