Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch
Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch
The 13-slot Cisco Catalyst 6513 Switch chassis is ideally suited for high-performance, high port density Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet aggregation in all parts of the network, including the access, distribution, and backbone layers as well as the server farm and data center environments. With up to 12 payload slots available, the 13-slot chassis offers industry-leading 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port densities while providing high levels of network resilience.
  • 20U enclosure
  • 13-slot switch chassis
  • Supervisor engines
  • Fast Ethernet modules (with IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet [PoE])
  • Gigabit Ethernet modules (with IEEE 802.3af PoE)
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet modules
  • Flex WAN modules
  • Shared Port Adaptors/SPA Interface Processors
  • Multi-Gigabit services modules
    Catalyst 65xx Series
    Description Code MI FCT Notes
    Cisco serie 65xx - Catalyst 6513 - 13 slot 6500 chassis - no fan or power supply SWKH402-0000  
    Description Code MI FCT Notes
    Cisco serie 65xx - Module XENPAK 10GB-LX4 SWKH405-0000  
    Catalyst 6500 48-port fabric-enabled 10/100/1000 Module SWKH406-0000  
    Cisco GLC-T 1000 BASE-T SFP (GBIC) SWKH412-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - 4-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet module (require XENPAK) SWKH421-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - 48-port 10/100/1000 with Jumbo Frame, RJ-45 SWKH422-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - 48-port 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet module, fabric-enabled, RJ-45 SWKH423-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - CAT6000-SUP720 IOS IP (SW) SWKH403-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - Cat 6500 Supervisor 32 with 2 ports 10GbE and PFC3B (Mngt board) SWKH404-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - Supervisor 720 fabric MSFC3 PFC3B SWKH420-0000  
    Chassis and Accessories    
    Cisco serie 65xx - Catalyst 6509 High Speed Fan Tray SWKH407-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - Catalyst 6500 3000W AC power supply SWKH408-0000  
    Cisco serie 65xx - Fan Mod CISCO7609 SWKH409-0000  
    Rack Integration    
    Rack Integration Tray for Cisco serie 65xx SWKH410-0000  
    Multipurpose Small Tray for rack SWKH411-0000  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat6 1m CBLH406-E601  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat6 2m CBLH406-E602  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat 6 3m CBLU429-E603  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat 6 5m CBLU415-E605  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat6 7m CBLH406-E607  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat 6 10m CBLU416-E610  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat 6 15m CBLU417-E615  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat 6 20m CBLU418-E620  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat6 25m CBLH406-E625  
    Ethernet Cable RJ45M/RJ45M cat6 30m CBLH406-E630  
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     bullx system
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    Super Nodes
    StoreWay Optima
     Catalyst 2960G
     Catalyst 3560G
     Catalyst 6509
     Catalyst 6513 
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