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Cisco L2/L3 Ethernet Switch
 • Preserves network investment potection while reducing operating expenses
Cisco L2/L3 Ethernet Switch
The Cisco L2/L3 Ethernet switch for Bull Blade Chasis is based on the Cisco Catalyst 3012. It’s an integrated switch for Bull Blade Series customers that extends resilient and secure Cisco® infrastructure services to the server edge and uses existing network investments to help reduce operating expenses. It provides an integrated switching solution that dramatically reduces cable complexity. It uses the comprehensive Cisco management framework to simplify ongoing operations.
  • Secure, to protect confidential information
  • Highly available, to meet time-critical needs
  • Capable of differentiating and controlling traffic flows to handle the increasing number of critical business applications
  • Easily manageable, to reduce operating expenses
  • Up to 8Gb/s throughput

      Enhanced Security
    With the wide range of security features that the switch offers, businesses can protect important information, keep unauthorized people off the network, guard privacy, and maintain uninterrupted operation. To guard against denial-of-service (DoS) and other attacks, access control lists (ACLs) can be used to restrict access to blade servers, applications and networks. Authentication features enable centralized access control of switches and restrict unauthorized users from altering the configurations. The Private VLAN Edge feature isolates ports on a switch, helping ensure that traffic travels directly from the entry point to the aggregation device through a virtual path. This feature can help isolate a server from other servers in the same Bull Blade Chassis.

      High Availability
    The switch offers several high-availability features to minimize network downtime, maintain mission-critical servers and applications, and reduce TCO.
    Enhancements to the standard Spanning Tree Protocol maximize network uptime. PVST+ allows Layer 2 load sharing on redundant links to efficiently use the extra capacity inherent in a redundant design. Customers can achieve maximum power and cooling availability for a server farm data network when a switch uses the redundant power and cooling capabilities of any Bull Blade Chassis.

      Advanced QoS
    The Cisco Catalyst Switch Module 3012 offers superior multilayer, granular QoS features to avoid congestion and help ensure that network traffic is properly classified and prioritized. Packet classification allows the network elements to discriminate between traffic flows and enforce policies based on Layer 2 and Layer 3 QoS fields.
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