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BNT 10Gb Ethernet Switch Module
BNT 10Gb Ethernet Switch Module
In today’s environment as data center space is constrained and IT budgets get smaller, clients are looking for ways to increase utilization of their hardware. Virtualization offers the perfect platform by allowing clients to implement multiple virtual machines per server. To meet client requirements, Bull Blade Series offers the right balance of compute and I/O by offering high-performance servers like HS22 and next-generation 10Gb networking from Blade Network Technology.
  • Works with existing 1Gb or 10Gb infrastructures
  • Can offer up to 8 virtual ports per adapter, when paired with the Emulex Virtual Fabric Adapter
  • Provides 10 external SFP+ based uplink ports and 14 10Gb ports to each blade
  • Offers easy management via the SmartConnect tool
  • Supported on Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise and compatible with Open Fabric Manager

      Integration and consolidation
    This module offers integration within the Bull Blade Chassis, consolidating full Layer 2-3 LAN switching and routing capabilities into a single chassis. This helps flatten the data center infrastructure and reduces the number of discrete devices, management consoles, and equipment that administrators must deal with, helping lower costs and simplifying deployment.

      Competitive cost and lower power consumption
    The BNT switch is priced extremely competitively compared with external switches, especially when you factor in that no cables are required between the blade and the switch. In addition, the ability to use direct-attach cables with the switch can help clients save even more compared with the more expensive CX4, XFP, or X2 transceivers.
    BNT using only 75 W per switch delivers extreme performance per watt, which is second to none with its support for up to 6.4 Gbps per watt of power.

      Performance and Fault tolerance
    With support for ten 10 Gb uplinks, clients can exploit not only up to 200 Gbps of bi-directional uplink bandwidth, but also an extremely low oversubscription (14 to 10), which can support even the most performance-intensive environments (up to 7.2 Gbps per blade server port). Clients wanting extreme performance can use up to four switches and the quad port 10 Gb adapter and get up to 1.92 Tbps of data per Bull Blade Chassis - Enterprise.
    This BNT switche learns alternate routes automatically and perform faster convergence in the unlikely case of a link, switch, or power failure. The switch uses proven technologies like L2 trunk failover, advanced VLAN-based failover, VRRP, IGMP V3 snooping, and OSPF.

      Layer 3 functionality
    The BNT switch module includes Layer 3 functionality, which provides security and performance benefits as inter-VLAN traffic stays within the chassis. This switch also provides the full range of Layer 3 protocols from static routes for technologies such as Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) for enterprise customers.

      Interoperability and Management
    BNT switches interoperate seamlessly with other vendors’ upstream switches.
    These switches are designed to support multiple CLIs, allowing the IT staff to select the CLI with which they are most comfortable. Choices are BLADEOS CLI for those with a Nortel switch background, industry-based CLI (Cisco-like) for those familiar with IOS, and a full-function Web-based GUI for the latest in simplicity.
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