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BNT Layer 2-7 Ethernet Switch Module
  BNT high-bandwidth switch to reduce infrastructure complexity
BNT Layer 2-7 Ethernet Switch Module
  • Six external 1Gb LAN connections
  • Level 3 IP routing functionalities
  • Simplify LAN Networking architecture
  • Ease LAN network cabling

      Integrated in Bull Blade Chassis
    Modular design and comprehensive systems management software make Bull Blade Series simple and affordable to deploy and maintain -allowing you to get more value with fewer resources. Thanks to the BNT Ethernet Switch blade servers and network modules can be installed or removed without the need for additional tools. This flexible design contributes to help reduce costs and improve data center efficiency. With the BNT Level 3 Ethernet switch, Bull Blade Series enlarges its ecosystem thus providing the customer with a wider choice.

      Advanced functionalities
    Bull Blade Chassis Network Fabric delivers a broad range of networking options integrated into the chassis to simplify infrastructure complexity and manageability while lowering the total cost of ownership. The switch delivers an outstanding price/performance ratio while providing full Level 2 switching and Level 3 routing capabilities for a flexible traffic management and sophisticated security. The BNT Ethernet Switch Module leverages award-winning switching technology in an optimized design for Bull Blade Chassis. Up to eight BNT Ethernet switch modules can reside in the I/O module bays of the Bull Blade Chassis -Enterprise.

      Reduced complexity
    The BNT Switch Modules for Bull Blade Chassis enable administrators to consolidate full Layer 2/3 LAN switching and routing capabilities into a Bull Blade Chassis. Consolidation flattens the topology of the datacenter infrastructure and reduces the number of discrete devices, management consoles, and different management systems.

      Simplified management and integration
    The BNT Ethernet Switch Module for Bull Blade Chassis provides integration into industry standard LAN networks. The command structure using IS-CLI is very similair to industry standard LAN network management tools. The BNT Ethernet Switch Modules provides SNMP monitoring which can be integrated into Bull NovaScale Master, or into any industry standard SNMP Management framework.
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