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Server Connectivity Module
  Entry level Ethernet connectivity with simplified management
Server Connectivity Module
The Server Connectivity Module for Bull Blade Series provides a simple Ethernet interface option for connecting Bull Blade Series to the network infrastructure. Connecting any Bull Blade Chassis with up to 14 server blades becomes as easy as connecting a single server to the network.
  • Serves the needs of Small and Medium Business customers
  • Easy to install, configure and manage through an easy to use browser based interface
  • Ideal for environments where a separation between the server and networking domains is preferred

      Simplified and optimized initial configuration
    The Server Connectivity Module for Bull Blade Series provides a simple Ethernet interface option for connecting Bull Blade Series system to the network infrastructure. The administrative effort and network skills required to connect to the network are minimized. The number and type of onfiguration options on the SCM are restricted to reduce the initial setup complexity and to minimize the impact on upstream networking devices.
    The default network configuration of the SCM is consists of a single, untagged Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). All of the uplink ports in each Port Group are aggregated together into a static Link Aggregation Group (LAG, or trunk group), which is fully compatible with Cisco EtherChannel technology. This configuration eliminates the need for Spanning Tree Protocol to prevent network loops, since the uplink ports act as a single link.

      Improved network reliability with failover functionalities
    The SCM provides improved network reliability. All of the uplink ports in each Port Group participates in a static LAG, so if a link fails, the existing traffic is redirected to the other links.
    The SCM software permits the copper TX uplink ports to auto-negotiate the speed, duplex (full/half) and flow-control settings of each link.
    With Network Adaptor Teaming configured on the Bull Blade Server Ethernet NICs, the servers can maintain redundant links to multiple SCMs within a Bull Blade Chassis to provide enhanced reliability. The L2 Failover option allows the SCM to disable the server-blade ports when all of its external uplinks are inactive. This causes the Network Adaptor Teaming software to failover to the other SCM(s) in a Bull Blade chassis.

      effective management
    The SCM permits effective management of the server blades using the Serial Over LAN (SOL) feature over a VLAN dedicated to the NovaScale Chassis Management Module. If no external ports are enabled, Layer 2 Failover must be disabled to use SOL. Most users will find the Browser-based Interface (BBI) dequate for configuring and using the SCM. However, a command-line interface (CLI) is available for users familiar with the CLI, or who want to use scripting facilities.
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