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Nortel 1/10Gb Uplink Ethernet Switch
  Bio-datacenter evolving infrastructure with high speed connections for any Bull Blade Chassis
Nortel 1/10Gb Uplink Ethernet Switch
Nortel 1/10Gb uplink Ethernet Switch for Bull Blade Chassis provides the ability to converge network and SAN fabrics onto 10Gb Ethernet in the future, while providing very low power, low cost and less complexity today. This switch provides seamless integration into any standard (Cisco) network, while evolving the infrastructure to keep in pace with virtualization needs (VMReady) or high speed iSCSI requirements.
  • Improve application availability and boost application performance
  • Ready for an evolving Bio data center with 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Enhance application and server security with network virtualization
  • Simplify server deployment and management
    Port Attributes
  • Nb of Internal Ports
  • 14x1Gb ports 100Mb manamagement port
  • Nb of External Ports
  • 6x1Gb RJ45 ports + 3x10Gb SFP+
    Supported Standards
  • 802.3 ad Link Aggregation (with LACP)
  • YES (LACP configuration for SMAC, DMAC, SIP and DIP)
  • 802.1 Q (VLAN)
  • YES
  • 802.1d Spanning Tree
  • YES
  • 802.1s Spanning Tree/VLAN
  • YES
  • 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree
  • YES
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