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Brocade 8GB Switch Module
 • 8GB Brocade FC technology to reduce infrastructure complexity
Brocade 8GB Switch Module
  • Port-on-demand with up to 20 ports
  • Fully compatible with Brocade Silkworm FC switches and Bull Storeway SAN storage solutions
  • Optional Advanced Fabric Services

      Integrated Brocade switching
    Modular design and comprehensive systems management software make Bull Blade servers simple and affordable to deploy and maintain—allowing you to get more value with fewer resources. The Brocade 8GB switch reduces cabling and makes it simple to install or remove blade servers and network modules without the need for additional tools. This flexible design contributes to help reduce costs and improve data center efficiency.

      Enhanced performance and scalability
    Brocade provides high speed access to business-critical data. Providing compatibility with Bull Storeway Storage and other systems and devices, the Brocade SAN switch provides freedom and flexibility to add switches, capacity and new devices as needs grow. Backward and forward compatibility with other Brocade switches helps integrate new and existing switches with ease. Port on Demand allows to scale as you grow, up to six external 2, 4 or 8 Gbps auto-sensing U ports.
    Thanks to these functionalities Bull Blade Series delivers high performance SAN connection, while maintaining reduced cabling, and improved manageability.

      Improved and centralised manageability
    The Brocade SAN switch provides an extensive range of standard and optional management features and functions—helping streamline administration, reduce IT costs and provide technical staff with administration flexibility. The Fabric OS offers several standard features that improve overall systems management, including, a CLI, a GUI and support for SNMP.
    Administrators can enjoy flexible, simplified centralised systems management with NovaScale Master using internet connection for managing Brocade devices from a remote location. In addition the administrator can choose to address directly a standard browser-based application.
    It enables administrators to configure, monitor and manage switch and fabric parameters from a central, online access point. Administrators can also work more efficiently by taking advantage of a single view of switches in the fabric.

      Optional Advanced Fabric Services
    Optional fabric services are implemented as software upgrades, allowing customers to incrementally take advantage of new capabilities to help address their most challenging SAN requirements.
    Those services includes, Inter-Switch Link Trunking, Advanced Performance Monitoring, Extended Fabrics, Secure Operating System and Fabric Watch.
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