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4/8 Gb Intelligent Pass-thru Module
 • Seamless integration into existing FC storage networks
4/8 Gb Intelligent Pass-thru Module
Bull is offering a 4/8 Gb version of the QLogic Intelligent Pass-thru Module which helps provide seamless interoperability to an external SAN fabric, primarily those utilizing the extended features from their SAN infrastructure provider.
This product is ideal for those clients with existing SANs that want to integrate
Bull Blade Chassis cost-effectively, and without disruption to their existing SAN.
  • Simplifies the connectivity of blade servers to any SAN fabric
  • Increases scalability of all Bull Blade Chassis with SAN fabrics
  • Easy-to-use 20-port module provides open, standards-based NPIV interface
  • Integrates transparent SAN switching capabilities to reduce complexity and increase manageability
  • Provides extremely flexible port connectivity

      The easiest SAN FC integration solution
    The Intelligent Fibre Channel Pass-through Module for Bull Blade Series is a SAN connectivity device in a Bull Blade Chassis compatible form-factor, which combines the advantages of a Switch Module and a pass-through Module. It provides the same speed as a switch does. At the same time it doesn’t participate in SAN fabrics as does a Fibre Channel switch, so it doesn’t have the associated constraints such as domain proferation and interopability issues

      Increased scalability
    Inserting a FC switch module number of domains inside a SAN although only a limited number of domains can be supported inside a fabric. The Intelligent Pass-through Module doesn’t participate as switch in the fabric, and do not require domains, therefore resulting in increased scalability of the SAN.

      Simplification of SAN management
    From an administration perspective, using the intelligent pass-through Modules gives the administrators aclearer view, the Modules are not considered fabric domains.
    By not adding switching devices to the existing SAN environment as part of the blade system implementation, the Module simplifies the topology. It provides fewer switches and simpler connections with the same number of nodes in the topology.
    As it doesn’t participate in the fabric as a switch, managment activities such as zoning are no longer needed on this device. SAN administrators have full control over the domains and the FC ports connected.
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