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QLogic 8GB FC Switch Module
 ē 8GB Fibre channel switching for attractive price per port
QLogic 8GB FC Switch Module
The QLogic Fibre Channel (FC) switch module helps to deliver high-performance SAN solutions using 8Gb Fibre Channel Technology. For customers deploying standards-based solutions, this switch supports interoperability in open mode leveraging FC-SW-2 -compliant SANs. Easily integrated into core or edge SAN configurations using its Management Suite.

Bull Blade Series offers built-in Fibre Channel connectivity with additional external ports to share more easily 8GB SAN infrastructures with other servers of back-up libraries.
  • Based on QLogic SANBox 5600 technology.
  • 8Gbps bandwidth between Blade Chassis and SANís
  • Enhanced in- and out-of-band manageability.
  • Support of Bullís Fibre channel Storeway Storage and back-up offer

      Enhanced performance
    A SAN solution is the fastest and widest adopted solution for server and storage consolidation. Thanks to Bull Blade Series, the consolidation step goes beyond previous borders by enabling Operating System consolidation. The Bull Compute Blade can be delivered diskless, running itís Windows, Linux or AIX Operating System and Application Stack from the Fibre Channel connection.
    The 20-port 8GBps QLogic Fibre channel switch for Bull Blade Series, provides enhanced performance to ease deployment of disk-less blades, extremely fast access to Data Warehouses, Databases or high-availability cluster solutions.
    Moreover it eases integration of external servers or back-up libraries. With its 6 external ports and 14 internal ports, the Qlogic Fibre channel switch delivers and excellent enterprise SAN solution for an attractive price per port.

    The Qlogic 20-port FC switch delivers in and out-of band support for SNMP-manageable interfaces via two internal 100Mbps Ethernet links for switch setup and management.
    The SAN management tool delivers SAN layout through a topology map, it discovers details about devices logged into fabric and saves and restores switch configurations. Moreover it provides zoning via drag-and-drop operation with cross-checks for common configuration problems
    The SAN management tool is integrated into Bull NovaScale Master Management suite for Blade Series. Bullís sophisticated management solution, managing the Fibre Channel switches just as simple as managing any other part of the Bull Systems offer. NovaScale Master enables to reduce complexity and increase SAN manageability
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