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EMC Celerra NX4
 • Comprehensive unified storage solutions with high-end features across the product family: NX4, NS-120, NS-480
EMC Celerra NX4

  Meeting the information-sharing challenge
The Celerra unified product NX4 is a dedicated network server optimized for file and block access, delivering high-end features in a scalable, easy-to-use package.

Celerra unified storage systems deliver a single-box block and file solution offering a centralized point of management for distributed environments. This enables you to dynamically grow, share, and cost-effectively manage multi-protocol file systems as well as providing multi-protocol block access. Take advantage of simultaneous support for NFS and CIFS protocols by letting Windows and Linux/UNIX clients share files using the DART (Data Access in Real Time) operating system’s sophisticated file-locking mechanisms. Leverage iSCSI for Tier 2 block applications and even native Fibre Channel for high-bandwidth or latency-sensitive applications.

Celerra’s unified product offerings are ideal for the growing server virtualization space. Whether customers look to VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V™, or Xen-based server solutions, Celerra is fully certified for all supported protocols to ensure successful deployments of virtualized infrastructures through all phases of implementation.

The advanced functionality features included with the Celerra unified storage platforms enable consolidation of file servers, direct-attached application storage, and even mission-critical block storage requirements, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of your server and storage assets.

  Flexible solutions to meet a wide range of requirements
Celerra unified storage platforms combine an IP storage enclosure with integrated storage providing NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel in a single packaged solution. This approach offers the lowest acquisition cost along with simple implementation and management without sacrificing configurability options.

  • Multi-protocol—NAS, (CIFS and NFS including NFSv4.1 with pNFS support) connectivity
  • One to two X-Blade configurations
  • Fibre Channel and ATA drive support
  • Block and file I/O
  • Performance/availability mode

  •   Celerra unified storage platform system elements
    The Celerra unified storage platform is comprised of one or more autonomous servers called X-Blades and a storage processor enclosure (SPE). The X-Blades control data movement from the disks to the network. Each X-Blade houses two Intel processors and runs EMC’s DART operating system, designed and optimized for high-performance, multi-protocol network file and block access.

    The SPE manages the physical storage of the disk arrays. The SPE takes advantage of the industry-leading EMC UltraFlex™ technology and has two independent storage processors (SPs) that deliver dedicated, array-based processing power. The combination of the X-Blades with the SPE delivers the only truly integrated, highly available, unified offering based on industry-leading technologies.

      Your choice of the most flexible availability options
    NX4 can be deployed in several operating modes including primary/standby or primary/primary with N+1 failover.

    Primary/standby is designed for environments that cannot tolerate any system downtime due to a hardware failure. In this mode, one of the X-Blades operates in standby mode while the primary one manages all of the data movement between the network and storage. In systems with greater than two X-Blades, one or more blades can be configured as standby for the active blades, providing a pool of blades for the highest levels of availability. The standby blade(s) seamlessly take over the operation of any failing blade, delivering equal performance to the primary system after a failover, thus allowing the system to fully scale without concern for managing potential resource constraints in the event of a failure.

    Other environments that value performance over continuous availability can choose to operate their dual X-Blade Celerra systems in primary/primary mode. Through a simple menu selection, both X-Blades can be made available to handle unusually large loads and user populations that can bring standard file servers to a virtual standstill.

      Unequaled availability features
    With the Celerra unified storage platform, no-compromise availability means non-stop file access achieved through transparent, dynamic failover to a hot standby X-Blade. For information protection, Celerra unified systems offer EMC Celerra SnapSure™ software for creating read-only/read-write copies of file systems and iSCSI LUNs. The snapshot can be used for online backups as well as quick recovery of deleted files. With the addition of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) integration, this capability is taken a step further, enabling the end user to leverage the functionality in Windows XP clients to recover deleted files directly from the Windows Explorer user interface.

    For an even higher degree of information protection, EMC Celerra Replicator™ creates an asynchronous point-in-time, read-only/read-write copy of a production file system on a local or geographically remote Celerra system.

    Native LUN replication, in the form of MirrorView™/Synchronous (MirrorView/S), is also supported for your most critical data that requires zero-data-loss availability in case of a disaster.
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