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EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K
 • Accelerating transformation to the hybrid cloud
EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K
Organizations around the globe rely on instant access to vital information to facilitate transactions and make critical decisions. Typical organizations are experiencing double-digit data growth while IT budgets, staffing, and resources are in many cases held constant. The EMC® Symmetrix® VMAX® 40K System helps IT organizations meet the challenges of doing more with fewer resources.
The EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K system delivers the scale, performance, and flexibility needed to automatically manage and optimize extreme data growth. EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K lets IT professionals scale and optimize storage to automatically increase performance, drive down costs, and build trust in hybrid cloud environments

  • Multi-controller, scale-out architecture
  • Up to 2,400 or 3,200 drives; up to 2 TB memory
  • FC 8 Gb/s, iSCSI 1 or 10 Gb/s, FICON 8 Gb/s and FCoE 10 Gb/s connectivity
  • Fully Automated Tiered Storage for Virtual Pools (FAST VP)
  • Powerful software capabilities for upmost efficiency
  • Industry leading local and remote replication

      Meet the demand of high-growth hybrid cloud and "Big Data" environments
    The EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K with the Enginuity operating environment is purpose-built to support enterprise customers’ top IT priorities, including the transformation to the hybrid cloud and “Big Data” processing. The EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K system builds on the revolutionary scale-out Virtual Matrix Architecture™ that features unprecedented performance, availability, functionality, and cost efficiency. The EMC Symmetrix VMAX 40K is Powerful, Trusted, and Smart storage for multiple mission-critical open systems and mainframe applications.

  • Scale, performance, and capacity to support millions of virtual machines, high-demand online transaction processing (OLTP), and online analytical processing (OLAP) for enterprise data warehousing (EDW), and business intelligence (BI) applications
  • Scalable bandwidth performance for lightning-fast batch processing and analytical queries

  •   Trusted
  • Six-nines application availability for 24x7xForever operations
  • Robust security with secure audit, secure access, and data encryption for hybrid cloud environments

  •   Smart
  • Automation and efficiency in tiered storage environments with FAST VP
  • Trusted Symmetrix services to consolidate and simplify operations with Federated Tiered Storage
  • Ease-of-management and integration into virtual environments with Unisphere™ for VMAX

  •   Software efficiency
    The EMC® Symmetrix® VMAX® 40K features powerful capabilities including:
  • Intelligent operating environment EMC Symmetrix Enginuity
  • Virtual Provisioning for just-in-time capacity allocation and flexibility
  • FAST VP for automated system performance optimization
  • Symmetrix Management Suite for management and monitoring
  • Integrated RecoverPoint Splitter
  • TimeFinder for high performance local data protection
  • Data at Rest Encryption for protection against unauthorized access
  • Federated Tiered Storage for heterogeneous storage consolidation
  • Symmetrix Migration Suite

  •   Ensuring Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    EMC TimeFinder and EMC RecoverPoint software are powerful applications for local storage replication. They enable business
    continuance volumes for parallel processing like backup, testing and development, and local high-performance disk-based restore, with restore to any point in time when using EMC RecoverPoint.
    EMC RecoverPoint and the Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF) family of software deliver remote replication to guard against primary site disasters and outages.
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