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EMC Symmetrix VMAX SE Storage System
 • Meet the future demands of virtual data centers
EMC Symmetrix VMAX SE Storage System
Enterprise-critical applications—those which drive the core of an organization—require the highest availability infrastructure to support the most stringent service levels. This need is met with the highest performing, most functionally capable, and yet competitively priced high-end networked storage systems ever offered—the EMC® Symmetrix® VMAX™ series with the Enginuity™ operating environment. For data center with limited space, power and cooling the Symmetrix VMAX SE is a compact footprint system which benefits from the revolutionary Virtual Matrix Architecture created to match the future storage growth demands of virtual data centers, while reducing costs for customers.
  • FC 4 or 8 Gb/s, iSCSI 1 or 10 Gb/s and FICON 4 or 8 Gb/s SAN connectivity
  • FC 4 or 8 Gb/s and 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for remote replication
  • Scalable to 360 drives; from ultra-fast Flash, to FC, to SATA highest capacity
  • Up to 128 GB Memory
  • Up to 16 x 4 or 8 Gb/s FC Host/SAN ports; up to 8 x 1 or 10 Gb/s iSCSI ports
  • Up to 8 x 4 or 8 Gb/s FICON Host ports
  • Up to 4 x 4 or 8 Gb/s FC Remote Replication ports
  • UP to 4 x 1 Gb/s GigE or 10 Gb/s 10 GigE Remote Replication Ports
  • Tiered storage optimization with FAST VP

      Symmetrix VMAX SE benefits
  • Enterprise storage consolidation and tiering in a compact footprint, optimizing resources and minimizing TCO
  • Exceptional economics through flexible, scalable, modular packaging for low-cost entry to high-end capabilities
  • High-end, scalable performance to match today’s and tomorrow’s most enterprise-critical, high-growth, always-available applications
  • Proven software suite for storage and information management, for mainframes and open systems environments
  • Built-in information-centric security to prevent unauthorized service actions

  •   Storage Management software
    The EMC Ionix™ ControlCenter® family of storage management software enables you to simplify and automate management of your networked storage environment through a single, consistent, information-centric approach. ControlCenter lets you “see” all the elements of the infrastructure, “know” how the infrastructure is performing and “do” what is necessary to ensure service levels are met, all from a single software interface.
    With FAST VP for Symmetrix VMAX, tiering at sub-LUN level is automatically optimized by dynamically allocating and relocating application workloads based on service-level agreements.

      Information Management software
    Replicate critical business information, anywhere, any time. The Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF®), TimeFinder® and RecoverPoint families of products deliver comprehensive and time-proven replication solutions. Symmetrix local and remote data replication solutions enable you to balance performance, availability, functionality, and economic requirements to achieve required service levels for disaster recovery and business continuity.

      Infrastructure software
    EMC PowerPath® software provides multi-path management and workload-balancing to heighten application availability and accelerate performance, for physical and virtual environments.

  • Bull delivers professional services for the audit, architecture, integration and installation phases of storage projects, and support services for the optimized use of the EMC Symmetrix VMAX SE.
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