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 • Optimized for affordable all-flash performance
  • Consistent performance with up to 500K IOPs and sub millisecond latency
  • MCx™ multi-core optimization unlocks the power of the all flah array
  • Powerful new multi-core Intel CPUs with 6-Gb/s SAS backend
  • Simplified deployment with pre-configured capacity models
  • Block-level deduplication, compression and thin provisioning reduce capacity requirements up to 50%
  • Optimized for virtualization and the platform to support Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0 environments
  • Administration simplicity with EMC Unisphere Management Suite
  • Local and remote protection software options to ensure business availability
    EMC VNX-F is based on the VNX series Flash 1st design with MCx multicore optimization to deliver industry leading flash innovation and enterprise data services in an easy-to-use solution for block storage. It is offered in 4 affordable preconfigured capacity systems to service cost sensitive performance workloads. This next-generation all-flash storage platform combines powerful and flexible hardware with advanced efficiency, management, and protection software to meet the application requirements of midsize and large enterprises

      VNX-F Series
    A robust all-flash storage platform, VNX-F enables organizations to dynamically deliver consistent and affordable block-based storage performance and response time for application environments such as Databases, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Virtualized all-flash storage tiers, and Server Virtualization where there is considerable business value in the reduction of latency. VNX-F all-flash array, based on the VNX7600, delivers up to 500K IOPS and submillisecond latency for block-only workloads that require consistent performance and low latency. VNX-F supports iSCSI, FC, and FCoE access for high-bandwidth and latency-sensitive block applications, and includes block deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. VNX-F are powered by the latest Intel Multi-Core Xeon E5-2600 series with a 6G/s SAS drive back-end delivering more firepower, greater efficiency, better protection all with ease.

      Flash boost performance :
    Why Flash?
    By most industry estimates, in the last 10 years the IT industry has witnessed CPU performance increase 8–10X, DRAM speed increase 7–9X, network speed increase 100X, and bus speeds increase 20X. All the while disk speed has increased a meager 1.2X. This is why flash continues to soar in adoption and why flash matters. Flash’s value comes from its ability to lower latency to run applications faster, enable higher scalability to run more applications concurrently, and lower TCO to reduce costs.
    VNX Flash-Optimized Hybrid Array?
    VNX flash-optimized hybrid arrays enabled with MCx (multi-core optimization) combines flash storage with traditional spinning drives to handle the majority of mixed virtualized application workloads. This approach allows for consolidation of multiple workloads and delivers low €/GB and €/IOPs. With the VNX Flash 1st approach, only 1 to 5% flash is generally needed to improve performance while also delivering huge savings in power, cooling and rack space. Because of this, VNX flash-optimized hybrid arrays along with Fully Automated Storage Tiering are widely used to accelerate the performance of a diverse set of workloads with data skew (active/inactive data), including file and block services, technical and transactional applications and general-purpose virtualized workloads.
    VNX-F All-Flash Array?
    By designing and optimizing the VNX as a Flash 1st design with MCx and PCIe to speed up key processes and remove application performance bottlenecks, the VNX is easily configured as an all-flash array to deliver sustained levels of performance and improvements in response-time (latency) at a lower flash cost/GB. VNX-F avoids having significant variations in performance enabling businesses to achieve the lowest cost per transaction without impacting the user experience.

      Continous availability
    VNX-F is architected to provide 5-9 availability in mission critical business environments. VNX-F availability and redundancy features include : Mirrored write cache, battery backup, preconfigured RAID 5 protection, proactive hot sparing, redundant data paths, continuous system monitoring, VPLEX extends this continuous availability within and across data centers.
    VNX-F optional data protection software provides the right protection for every application need: Local protection is delivered with snapshots for point-in-time recovery and continuous data protection with RecoverPoint local replication, Remote protection is available with the same DVR-like recovery with RecoverPoint Continuous Remote Replication, to make application consistent replicas controlled by the application, Replication Manager and AppSync provide application protection delivered as a service EMC Backup and Recovery solutions, including Data Domain, Avamar, and Networker, shorten the backup window and speed recovery in concert with deduplication to reduce the backup size.

      Manage, monitor, tune your storage
    Unisphere makes it easy to manage VNX-F systems from anywhere with a simple, integrated user interface. Unisphere dashboard is a single screen for at-a-glance management and reporting, enabling administrators to gain instant and actionable knowledge about what’s occurring across the entire environment. Unisphere’s single sign-on automatically discovers all VNX,CLARiiON, Celerra, and RecoverPoint SE installations in the environment for seamless configuration.

      VNX-F for virtual environments
    VNX-F is the ideal all-flash system for block-based virtualized application environments. Regardless if the customer environment is VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Xen-based, VNX-F ensures successful deployments of virtualized infrastructures through all phases of implementation. VNX Family is the #1 provider of VMware integration and the 1st storage platform to support Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V 3.0 environments.

      Storage software offerings
    VNX-F optional software is available in two comprehensive packages to ensure customers have all of the necessary capabilities to protect and manage their information. VNX Total Protection Pack includes replication capabilities, point-in-time recovery features such as snaps and clones combined with automated application copies for assured recovery, along with monitoring and alerting for compliance with protection policies. All VNX-F software is managed through Unisphere.
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