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EMC VNXe3300
 • Next-generation unified storage, optimized for virtualized applications
EMC VNXe3300
EMC VNXe3300 unified storage systems deliver exceptional flexibility for the small-to- medium business user, combining a unique, application-driven management environment with a complete consolidation solution for all IP storage needs.
  • Compact 3U network storage system
  • Power-on to provision-ready in less than 30 minutes
  • Application-driven storage that works the way you do
  • Powerful provisioning wizards
  • Unified management that provides seamless access to all of your storage
  • Advanced built-in data management features
  • Seamless integration with VMware and Hyper-V virtualization
  • Latest 6 Gb/s SAS technology for expandability and performance
  • Can be placed in a non-computer room

    The EMC VNXe series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user. These unified storage systems provide true storage consolidation capability with seamless management and a unique application driven approach that eliminates the boundaries between applications and their storage. The VNXe series is ready to meet the needs of growing organizations with increasingly complex storage
    requirements. The VNXe3300 is an ideal platform for businesses with physical server infrastructures, as well as those making the move to server virtualization to drive consolidation and greater efficiency. Along with increased performance, scalability, and I/O expandability the VNXe3300 features a comprehensive set of features including exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities.

      Storage consolidation
    Deploying a highly functional shared storage system should be an on-ramp to efficiency for your IT infrastructure, not a roadblock to greater productivity. VNXe systems take a fundamentally different approach, aligning storage management with applications, avoiding arcane storage terms for plain language, and embedding storage and application best practices.

      Simplicity and efficience
    VNXe series are uniquely capable of delivering unified IP storage for NAS and iSCSI while simplifying operations and reducing management overhead. Application centric management and provisioning wizards result in immediate familiarity for users, while integration of snapshot and replication with storage management workflows of the Compact storage platforms with simple capacity management and growth and advanced storage efficiency. Application-driven provisioning and management enables you to easily consolidate your storage. VNXe series understand how many mailboxes you are creating, for example, and manage storage for server virtualization and file share so you can focus on your business-critical applications.

      Flexible and available
    It begins with the hardware : high availability, scalability, and adaptability to future needs, to name a few. The VNXe hardware platforms take advantage of the latest processor technology from Intel, and include features that help you meet future needs for growth and change head on.
  • Flex I/O expansion : VNXe systems come with 1 Gb/s Ethernet connections standard for NAS and iSCSI, plus Flex I/O slots that provide additional 1 Gb/s ports to expand connectivity and performance. The VNXe3300 also supports the option of 10 Gb/s connectivity.
  • 6 Gb/s SAS drives and enclosures : the latest SAS interface delivers the industry’s highest transfer rates along with simple capacity expansion, enterprise performance, and end-to-end data integrity features.
  • Start small : VNXe systems give you the flexibility to buy only what you need today, whether that means capacity, performance, or features. When growth comes, you’ll be ready.
  • Availability and data protection : the VNXe’s high-availability design, including mirrored cache and dual active controllers, is architected to eliminate single points-of-failure. If an outage occurs, data in the VNXe write cache is safely stored in Flash memory, eliminating time limited battery backup and external power supplies.

  •   VNXe software
    Every VNXe unified storage platform comes with base software solutions, including EMC Unisphere for application-aware management, file deduplication with compression for increased efficiency, thin provisioning for adding storage on-demand, as well as CIFS and iSCSI. To address needs ranging from disaster recovery to application backup and restore, EMC has packaged unique and powerful add-on storage software into easy-to-use suites to ensure maximum protection and security for your VNXe unified storage platforms. With this approach, VNXe software suites simplify enablement of storage services, while dynamically moving, securing, and protecting production data for unified block and file storage all managed through, and integrated with EMC Unisphere. For even greater simplicity, purchase the VNXe3300 Total Protection Pack.
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