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EMC VNX VG2 Gateway
 • Reach new heights of performance, availability, scalability, and flexibility
EMC VNX VG2 Gateway
VG2 combine a NAS head with industry leading SAN storage for a flexible, cost-effective implementation that maximizes the utilization of your existing
  • Experience NAS simplicity and efficiency
  • Maximize capacity utilization by adding an VG2 to your storage EMC
  • Enable your Microsoft and UNIX users to share files files through extensive multi-protocol support
    Performance bottlenecks, security issues, and the high cost of data protection and management associated with deploying file servers using general purpose operating systems become non-issues with the VG2. Each VG2 is a dedicated network server optimized for file access and advanced functionality in a scalable, easy-to-use package. The world’s number-one trusted storage platform found in best-in-class Symmetrix, VNX, and CLARiiON back-end array technologies, combined with the VNX impressive I/O system architecture, deliver industry-leading availability, scalability, performance, and ease of management to your business. The VNX follows a modular unified approach with separate block storage processors of varying capacities and performance, scalable X-Blades, and single or dual Control Stations across the series. This flexibility enables customers to scale block storage pool processors and file system processors independently to meet their unique business needs. Utilizing this architecture, the VG2 delivers record breaking file system performance VG2 extend the value of existing EMC storage array technologies, delivering a comprehensive, consolidated storage solution that adds IP storage in a centrally managed information storage system, enabling you to dynamically grow, share, and cost-effectively manage file systems with multi-protocol file access. Take advantage of simultaneous support for NFS and CIFS protocols by letting UNIX and Microsoft clients share files using the VNX OE for File sophisticated file-locking mechanisms. The high-end features offered with the VG2 enable entry-level data center consolidation resulting in lower TCO of your server and storage assets while enabling you to grow your IP storage environment into the hundreds of terabytes from a single point of management. You can also improve performance over standard NAS by enabling pNFS for your NFS requirements; or simply add VNX Multi-Path File System to your environment for your NFS and CIFS requirements without application modification.

    If you are looking for an entry-level EMC IP storage solution to extend your existing storage investment or want a low-cost, SAN-plus-NAS platform, choose the VG2 and receive the same high-end features as the massively scalable VG8 platform. As your requirements grow, simply upgrade your system online from a single to a dual X-Blade VG2. This solution enables you to easily leverage the benefits of a growth path to more performance, scalability, and a higher level of availability.

    VG2 comprises one or more autonomous servers called X-Blades which connect via FC SAN to a Symmetrix, VNX, or CLARiiON storage array. The X-Blades control data movement from the disks to the network. Each X-Blade consists of an Intel-based server with redundant data paths, power supplies, and optional multiple-gigabit Ethernet ports and/or optional, multiple 10 GB Ethernet optical ports. X-Blades run EMC’s VNX OE for File, designed and optimized for high-performance and multi-protocol network file access. All of the X-Blades in a system are managed by the Control Station which operates out of the data path and provides a single point of configuration management and administration. It also handles X-Blade failover and maintenance support. Two Control Stations for high availability are also supported.

    VG2 provide flexible availability configurations with the option of non-stop file access achieved through transparent, dynamic failover to a hot standby X-Blade. Depending on your operational needs, you can deploy in several operating modes including primary/standby or primary/primary for the VG2. In the event of an X-Blade failover, VNX OE for File uses a metadata logging facility to recover. The advanced failover capabilities allow the hot spare to take over the full workload, running at the same performance and service levels as before the failure. For information protection, VG2 systems offer SnapSure software for creating read-only/read-write snaps of file systems. The snapshot can be used for online backups as well as for quick recovery of deleted files. With the addition of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Client Services integration, this capability is taken a step further, enabling the end user to leverage the functionality in Windows XP clients to recover deleted files directly from the Windows Explorer user interface.
    For an even higher degree of information protection, EMC VNX Replicator asynchronously creates a point-in-time copy of a production file system on either a local or geographically remote VNX system. Replicator provides multi-site protection, simplifies administration with easy-to-define business policies including recovery point objectives (RPO) and uses standard IP-based networks for maintaining consistent replicas between the two sites. The dedicated, hardware-based RAID controllers in Symmetrix, VNX, and/or CLARiiON mean that there is minimal performance degradation during a rebuild. The VG2 platform defines enterprise-level high availability delivered with X-Blade failover, hardware RAID protection, non-disruptive component replacement, storage processor battery backup, and advanced volume management. Native LUN replication in the form of MirrorView/S with VNX/CLARiiON or SRDF/S with Symmetrix is also supported for your most critical data requiring zero-data-loss availability in the event of a disaster.
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