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StoreWay Optima3020
 • Scalability, reliability, availability, stability
StoreWay Optima3020
StoreWay Optima3020 dual node storage system delivers high-end performance accommodating the most demanding high availability environments when large and critical data storage is required. StoreWay Optima3000 line is the only product on the market to fulfil efficient answer to these requirements, thanks to its node mesh architecture. This revolutionary architecture does not concede anything on reliability and data security.
The optima3020 base system supports 32 high speed 4Gbps or 8Gbps host connections, 64GB of cache and 768 disk drives with high-performance RAID processors. The Optima3020 can be upgraded non-disruptively to three and four node mesh.
  • Enterprise class storage for Fibre SAN
  • Performance and capacity growth via storage node addition on-line
  • Availability 24/24 7/7 with systematic component redundancy
  • Multi level storage based on SSD, SAS and SATA disks intermix, optimized and virtualizable
  • Up to 768 disks Storage capacity and 64 GB cache for the two nodes
  • Up to 32 12 Gb/s SAS links to disks
  • Data security with dual parity RAID 3 and 6 and triple mirror
  • Energy saving with MAID technology.

    Optima3000 Series modular architecture allows building a very scalable offer. The two-nodes model (Optima3020) can be on-line extended to three and four nodes (Optima3040) configurations. Starting from a 16 host ports/384 disks drives, the configuration can seamlessly be expanded to a 64 host ports/1536 disk drives.

      Availability and Maintainability
    Optima3000 Series guarantees exceptional business continuity by having all components redundant: host directors pair, cache modules pair, disk director pair and quadruple power supplies. Configurations installed and operated with best practices should show more than 99,999% availability. Optima3000 outstanding and unique RAID features choice, protects the data from any disk failure. In addition, specific advanced technology (Phoenix), as well as the implementation of the Extended Data Integrity Feature, which avoids silent data corruption, bring preventive defect detection and generate appropriate actions to prevent any operational failure. Dynamic firmware upgrade is supported, requiring Multipath software on the servers.

    Optima3000 Series X-bar architecture, up to now reserved to the very high end, allows to providing the best flexibility thanks to its building block architecture. Host ports, disks directors, cache memory, disk capacity and add-on nodes can dynamically be increased in accordance to business requirements. Starting from a minimal cost, Optima3020 is expandable and provides the best size/performance for the company’s service level user’s requirements. Mix of SSD, SAS and SATA disks also brings additional flexibility. The support of these 3 disk technologies within a disk drawer with variable speeds and capacity will satisfy various types of applications.

    Managing high volumes of data requires specific tools to optimize the access to data and get the performance from the storage array. Optima3000 enjoys disk pool virtualization and Thin provisioning technology of high-end class storage. The Optima3000 Storage Manager allows optional dynamically optimized data location to improve performance and take benefit of the best disk technology according to the use of data within the storage array. The software set for Optima includes also: snap, distant and local replications, as well as power saver MAID and write protect software. Performance Management tools allow consolidation of performance data for all Optima and FDA of the site from a central control point. All this software is interoperable with Optima1500 and 1500i as well as FDA. Optima connectivity ensures interoperability with VMware, HP-UX, Solaris as well as Windows, AIX and Linux which take benefit of a full path control thanks to the StoreWay Multipath products.

      Support and services
    Bull provides professional services and support for an optimal operation.
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