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StoreWay FlashSystem 710
 • Accelerate enterprise applications with extreme-performance flash storage
StoreWay FlashSystem 710
  • Gain enterprise-class reliability with IBM Variable Stripe RAID™ technology, without sacrificing performance or usable capacity
  • Reduce time to decisions with faster applications, including data warehouses and online analytical processing (OLAP) databases
  • Improve IT efficiency with IBM MicroLatency™, high bandwidth and extreme input/output operations per second (IOPS) performance in a small footprint
  • Realize macro efficiencies with green storage designed for fast data access at low wattage
  • Extract immediate value from your investment with quick time to deployment
    Flash technology is rapidly defining a new business landscape, where organizations can perform advanced data analytics faster than ever to gain a competitive advantage. StoreWay flash storage offerings provide extreme IOPS and low-latency performance to turbocharge these new IT infrastructures. When compared to equivalent disk systems, StoreWay flash storage solutions deliver 6.7 times more capacity in a single rack, 19 times more cost efficiency in dollars/per IOPS, and are 115 times more energy efficient.

    StoreWay FlashSystem™ 710 is designed to speed up the performance of critical enterprise applications, including data warehousing and OLAP applications, content delivery networks, video rendering and editing software, and 3D modeling and simulation applica-tions. These systems deliver extreme performance per gigabyte so organi-zations can quickly uncover business insights from IBM DB2®, Oracle and other database applications. In addition, FlashSystem 710 eliminates storage bottlenecks with MicroLatency™ that enables faster decision making.

      Promoting space and power efficiency in the data center
    FlashSystem 710 offers scalable performance in storage devices which is space and power efficient. By offloading heavy workloads to this flash storage system, organizations can extend the life of their existing storage assets—and consolidate their legacy systems for “all-flash” business efficiency.
    FlashSystem 710 supports up to 5 TB in capacity in 1 TB increments. When compared to traditional high-performance storage solutions, FlashSystem 710 provides cost efficiencies across power, cooling and “rack estate,” and do it all in a smaller footprint. In addition, you can achieve superior acceleration in a single application using this system.

      Delivering enterprise-class reliability and availability
    Beyond energy savings, FlashSystem 710 also delivers enterprise-class reliability and macro efficiency for the most demanding data centers. Patented Variable Stripe RAID technology helps reduce business interruptions by providing a higher level of protection from flash device failures, and also improves system availability. In addition, standard chip-level RAID technology, enhanced error-correcting code (ECC) and internal redundancies help reduce the need for maintenance and IT productivity—enabling IT staff to spend more time on strategic initiatives, rather than on system failures.

      Leveraging next-generation, enterprise-grade, flash technology
    StoreWay flash storage solutions include the latest in industry- standard, solid-state flash memory technology. FlashSystem 710 utilizes single-level cell (SLC) flash technology, which provides the highest performance, lowest latency flash storage in the industry for customers looking for the ultimate in flash performance. Performance is a key reason that StoreWay flash storage solutions leverage SLC and eMLC technologies instead of commodity-based MLC flash technology.

      Extending value through integration
    To deliver maximum performance with deep functionality, FlashSystem 710 integrates with IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller for an enterprise-class solution, as well as IBM System Storage Easy Tier® technology for intelligent data placement. Both flash storage systems also enable high-performance servers to operate at peak efficiency, so organizations can:

    -Process vast amounts of data with high IOPS and bandwidth

    -Accelerate individual application response times with MicroLatency™—a core feature of and value to the IBM FlashSystem family—which encompasses high performance to accelerate the flash medium

    -Increase server performance by rebalancing the CPU-to-storage-utilization ratio

    -Make decisions faster by speeding up critical applications across virtual and cloud infrastructures

    -Improve operational efficiency, since database and system administrators no longer have to adjust configurations to boost performance

    -Enhance the end-user experience, enabling users to spend less time waiting for applications to respond and more time on revenue-generating activities; this efficiency can also help enhance time to market for products and services, which can lead to greater satisfaction for end consumers
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