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StoreWay FlashSystem 840 (3-year warranty)
 • Accelerate business with the extreme performance of a data center-optimized, all-flash system
StoreWay FlashSystem 840 (3-year warranty)
  • Can scale from 2 TB up to 48 TB of usable capacity
  • Scale business with flexible, extremeperformance flash storage that accelerates low-latency, I/O-intense applications, including online-transaction processing (OLTP) and online-analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Improve the economics of IT by easily integrating with existing infrastructure to maximize total cost of ownership and return on investment
  • Operate at peak efficiency with MicroLatency™, high bandwidth, flexible connectivity and low wattage, all in a 2U footprint
  • Leverage high availability and hot swappable components to lower mean time to repair
    To build a sustainable advantage in a world of 24x7 continuous operations, today’s enterprise organizations must be able to extract the full value of their vast and complex data sets. Because data is the new business currency, organizations must quickly and efficiently transact, analyze and gain actionable insight from it to fully capitalize on its value. The StoreWay FlashSystem family empowers organizations to take advantage of best-in-breed solutions that provide extreme performance, macro efficiency and microsecond response times. As a result, these organizations can quickly harness the value of stored data—and be better positioned to compete, innovate and grow in today’s real-time world.
    StoreWay FlashSystem 840 is data center-optimized to enable organizations to strategically harness the value of stored data. By providing flexible capacity and extreme performance for the most demanding enterpriseclass applications, including OLTP and OLAP databases, virtual desktop infrastructures, technical-computing applications and cloud-scale environments, FlashSystem 840 delivers a competitive advantage for the modern enterprise. The FlashSystem accelerates response times with MicroLatency—that is, less than 135 microsecond access times—to enable faster decision making. In addition to optimizing performance, FlashSystem 840 delivers best-in-class reliability in a storage device that is both space and power efficient.

      New opportunities with highly efficient, flexible storage
    Easy to deploy and manage, FlashSystem 840 delivers savings across the entire organization, from improved productivity of IT staff to energy efficiency within the data center. The efficiency benefits of FlashSystem 840 are a result of the high performance, high density, and low power consumption of the system’s architecture. FlashSystem 840 is hardware accelerated, using energy-efficient IBM PowerPC® processors, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and large arrays of high-density enterprise multi-level cell (eMLC) flash.
    FlashSystem 840 can scale usable capacity from as low as 2 TB to as much as 48 TB in its compact 2U enclosure. Many granular capacity points are possible due to the three choices in flash module capacity: 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB. Capacity is field upgradeable so IT personnel can expand capacity to support changing needs with minimal disruption to operations. FlashSystem 840 supports all industry standard interfaces including 4/8/16 Gb Fibre Channel, 10 Gb iSCSI and 10 Gb Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

      Enterprise-class reliability and superior data protection
    A robust FlashSystem 840 architecture delivers the extreme reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) required by today’s enterprise applications. The system uses enterprise- class, two-dimensional flash RAID technology, comprising Variable Stripe RAID™ and system-wide RAID 5 technologies. Variable Stripe RAID technology helps reduce down-time by maintaining performance and capacity in the event of partial or full-flash chip failures. System-wide RAID 5, with easily accessed front-loadable, hot-swappable flash modules, helps prevent data loss and improves availability. Additionally, all active components are fully redundant, hot-swappable and easily accessible via a tool-less modular design—enabling IT staff to spend more time working on strategic initiatives, rather than resolving system failures.To further minimize downtime, FlashSystem 840 supports concurrent code load and maintenance for nondisruptive firmware upgrades. And to provide advanced security for data at rest, without compromising application performance.

      Accelerate applications with consistently low latency
    FlashSystem 840 is designed with MicroLatency to significantly speed application response times, so organizations can rely upon real-time data to effectively gain actionable insight. The low-latency design improves CPU efficiency, lowering software licensing costs and maximizing the use of existing resources. In addition, by virtually eliminating wait times and enabling more transactions to occur, FlashSystem 840 can scale to support more concurrent users, helping improve the end-user experience, enhance productivity and increase revenue.

      Performance and ease of use
    To deliver extreme performance coupled with efficient manage-ment functionality, FlashSystem 840 features an easy-to-use, web-based graphical user interface. The intuitive design can help streamline installation and management tasks. In addition, the system enables organizations to process vast amounts of data with high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and bandwidth, helping to speed time to market for products and services.
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