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NetApp FAS2040
 • Easy data management in a scale-out environment
NetApp FAS2040
Whether for primary or secondary storage, the FAS2040 accommodates both midsize and distributed enterprises (remote offices/branch offices) by offering integrated block-level and file-level data access, intelligent management software, and data protection capabilities in a cost-effective package.
  • Up to 136 disks storage capacity
  • FC-SAN, IP-SAN (iSCSI) and NAS (CIFS/NFS) protocol support
  • Full SAS, full FC, full SATA or FC/SAS/SATA disk mix
  • Single and dual active-active controller models
  • 2x4Gb FC ports, 4xGbE ports and 1 SAS port per controller
  • 4 GB cache per controller
    The FAS2040 provides departmental and remote-office storage in distributed enterprise environments. Like other NetApp FAS family members, FAS2040 systems offer integrated block-level and file-level data access, intelligent management software, and data-protection capabilities. These cost-effective systems include serial attached SCSI (SAS) drive support, versatile I/O connectivity, and built-in remote management. FAS2040 systems are equally at home as primary or secondary storage, serving block or file data over Fibre Channel or Ethernet networks, providing you with lots of choice—all while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of comparable systems from other providers.

    FAS2040 systems offer unified file and block storage. That means one solution for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and FC SAN storage protocols. In addition, the FAS2000 Data ONTAP operating system bolsters storage efficiency through higher utilization of capacity and through thin provisioning (FlexVol® and FlexClone®) and Snapshot™ technology.

    Scalability is more than just being able to add more drives to an existing enclosure. It means being able to combine existing and expanded data-management resources in the fastest, most elegant way. For most data-management solutions, the path from entry to midsize to high end is littered with hoops to be jumped through. Scalability to those architects of these solutions means stringing a bunch of point solutions together. The NetApp architecture spans the enterprise environment from entry to high end. The result is no need to “rip, replace, and retrain". A common NetApp upgrade path gets you from 3.6TB (FAS2020) to 504TB (FAS6070), all under the auspices of one operating system and a common set of intelligent management tools, backup and restore capabilities, and disaster recovery solutions.

    Every aspect of NetApp data-management solutions is aimed at giving you more choice and more value than alternative solutions. And, as Mercer Management Consulting found in its analysis, you end up with lower TCO because your acquisition costs are lower, your management costs shrink considerably, and NetApp high data availability even slashes the cost of system downtime. Managing server and application sprawl on a shoestring budget is a formidable challenge. With the new FAS2040, NetApp is doing its part to help you meet that challenge.
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