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NetApp FAS2240
 • Make the smart decision about how to manage your resources, time and money
NetApp FAS2240
Whether for primary or secondary storage, the FAS2240 accommodates both medium sized businesses or distributed sites of larger organizations by offering integrated block-level and file-level data access, intelligent management software, and data protection capabilities in a cost-effective package.
  • Up to 144 disks (FAS2240-2: 508.8 TB; FAS2240-4: 576 TB)
  • FC-SAN, IP-SAN (iSCSI) and NAS (CIFS/NFS) protocol support
  • Full SAS, full FC, full SATA or FC/SAS/SATA disk mix
  • Single and dual active-active controller models available in 2U or 4U form factor
  • 4 GbE and 2 SAS ports per controller, optional 2x10 GbE or 2x8 Gb FC ports
  • 6 GB memory per controller

      Start right
    The NetApp FAS2200 series is not only affordable but provides a more powerful platform than other systems in its class:
  • "No compromise" unified storage systems
  • SSD support across all FAS2200 series system
  • All data protocols now included for no additional license fee
  • New Flash Pool technology extends Virtual Storage Tiering to FAS2200 systems: accelerate application performance and lower storage costs
  • Industry-leading efficiency features built in at no additional cost
  • Use 50% less storage in virtual server environments.

  •   Keep it simple
    The NetApp FAS2200 series provides a powerful range of technologies to help increase the efficiency of your storage administrators:
  • Rapidly deploy within minutes
  • Manage using your Microsoft® Management Console, minimizing training costs
  • Simple, automatic data movement between SSD and SATA disk through Flash Pools
  • Tight integration with key business application enables administrators to manage 2 to 3 times more storage
  • Slash administrative overheads by up to 60% be leveraging one common skill set for all NetApp products
  • Easily tune and troubleshoot virtual server environments with OnCommand Balance.

  •   NetApp OnCommand System Manager
    OnCommand System Manager is a simple but powerful browser-based management tool that enables administrators to set up and manage individual NetApp FAS2200 systems easily:
  • Intuitive wizard and workflow-driven interface automate common storage tasks
  • Flash Pool support - view, create and manage Flash Pool environments.
  • Use a single interface for SAN and NAS environments.
  • Use System Manager across all NetApp storage systems - unlike competitive products that manage only one class of storage.

  •   Grow smart
    Protect your storage investment with systems that grow with your business needs:
  • Get truly unified storage architecture
  • Expand capacity and add functionality quickly and easily
  • Seamlessly upgrade to other NetApp systems while using the same operating system and software tools
  • Get built-in investment protection with the ability to convert your FAS2240 system to an external disk shelf for upgrading to larger NetApp systems.

  •   Simplified software
    NetApp FAS2200 systems utilize the Data ONTAP® storage operating system, plus a common set of powerful,easy-to-use data management and data protection software products. The scalable, unified software of NetApp systems uniquely provides a common software environment for both NAS and SAN, from entry systems through the largest data center systems.
    With NetApp software on the FAS2200, you can:
  • Enable each administrator manage two to three times more storage.
  • Protect your critical data.
  • Reduce disk purchases by 50% or more through a superior set of storage efficiency features.
  • Reduce provisioning time by up to 90%.
  • Cut test and development time in half.

    Included standard with every FAS2200 system is a set of uniquely powerful NetApp software roducts that deliver highly efficient storage, simple management tools, and high performance. In addition, optional Extended-Value Software products provide advanced capabilities such as instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk-to-disk backup, and application aware backup and recovery.

  •   Ideal for higher performance or capacity needs
    Equipped for higher performance or capacity needs, the FAS2240 is a good fit for:
  • Medium-sized businesses or distributed sites of larger organisations
  • Windows application and virtual server consolidation with multiple workloads
  • Customers that require higher performance, I/O flexibility and investment protection for future growth.
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