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NetApp FAS2520
 • Delivering best-in-class value and capability
NetApp FAS2520
NetApp FAS2500 hybrid storage arrays are built to deliver robust capabilities so that you don’t need to buy additional equipment as IT needs change.
Geared toward value-oriented deployments, the FAS2520 is a good fit for:
• Smaller organizations, remote offices, and local storage
• Consolidating virtualized environments with a small number of Windows applications or general file-serving workloads
• Customers that need a powerful system at a competitive price
  • Up to 84 disks (336 TB)
  • IP-SAN (iSCSI) and NAS (CIFS/NFS) protocol support
  • Full SAS, full SATA or SAS/SATA disk mix
  • Single and dual active-active controller models available in 2U form factor
  • 4 10GBase-T, 2 GbE and 2 SAS ports per controller
  • 18 GB memory per controller

      Hybrid Storage
    Designed to support more of your IT needs, longer, NetApp® FAS2500 hybrid storage arrays provide more value for your money than any other systems in their class. FAS2500 simplifies the task of managing growth in house and in the cloud by providing support for a broader range of workloads along with seamless scaling of performance and capacity.
    And with proven integration to the cloud, you can leverage external storage resources to protect data and handle dynamic storage needs, For growing organizations concerned about budgets today and meeting challenging IT needs in the future, the FAS2500 is the perfect choice.

      Delivers the most value
    Every FAS2500 includes unified support for NAS and SAN workloads and can be configured as a hybrid, even allflash system, to meet specific price/ performance goals. In addition, every FAS2500 delivers:
  • New: Increased price/performance value. Leverage up to 5x more of the industry’s most efficient flash technology, increasing usable capacity by 48% and accelerating workloads by up to 46%, compared to hard disk only systems.
  • Best-in-class storage efficiency. Deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning guarantee 50% storage savings.
  • New: Advanced IT integration options. Supports a broader set of applications and delivers 2x the connectivity than previous generation with the new flexible, on-board unified target adapters (UTA2s).
  • New: Expanded enterprise-class data management. Access NDO, QoS, and superior virtualization integration usually only offered in highest end systems to meet complicated IT needs without buying new storage.

  •   Simplifies storage operations
    Free up your time, money, and people. You don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. The NetApp FAS2500 series offers a powerful range of technologies to help reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your storage administrators:
  • New: Reduce setup time by 3x using System Setup utility than manual installation and eliminate repetitive operations. Updated OnCommand® suite of software tools automates tasks with the click of a button.
  • Manage 2 to 3 times more storage. Leading integration with key business applications to enable administrators to be drastically more efficient.
  • New: Upgrade software and add or retire storage without downtime. Enhanced nondisruptive operation technology dynamically handles more storage tasks without costly interruption to IT.
  • Keep operations running at peak efficiency. Easily tune and troubleshoot virtual server environments with OnCommand Balance. Quickly resolve issues with proactive service diagnostics.
  • Protect your critical data more efficiently with integrated data protection such as RAID-DP®, Snapshot™, and Open Systems SnapVault®.

    System Setup is an intuitive GUI-based utility that dramatically simplifies the setup and provisioning of your FAS2500 systems. System Setup automatically discovers your new system and uses a wizard process that provides recommended defaults for optimal system utilization and performance. Now it takes just minutes to set up your FAS2500 systems. OnCommand System Manager is a simple but powerful browser-based management tool to simplify ongoing management and administration of the FAS2500 systems.
    In addition to the standard set of powerful software that comes with every FAS2500 system, the optional Extended-Value Software products offer advanced capabilities such as instant data recovery, instant cloning, data replication, disk-to-disk backup, and application-aware backup and recovery.

  •   Built to meet your changing needs
    As your business grows and priorities change, it is important to have a storage solution that responds to your changing IT needs dynamically and cost-effectively.
    The NetApp FAS2500 series provides different ways to support your growing needs:
  • Start small and grow big by adding more nodes as needed nondisruptively without tying up large capital expenses upfront.
  • Simplify scale-out with a two-node switchless cluster that requires no additional infrastructure investments.
  • Upgrade to higher end NetApp systems while using the same operating system and software tools, reducing administrative overhead by up to 60% by eliminating retraining.

    Cloud has increasingly become an important part of IT strategy as organizations look to be more responsive to their users’ needs for quick access to storage and off-site data protection. If your IT strategy includes cloud, now or in the future, a FAS2500 that runs Data ONTAP is a great choice. Your FAS2500 will arrive ready to connect to multiple cloud services and solutions—all built on NetApp Data ONTAP and available through hundreds of NetApp partners worldwide. You’ll choose between industry-leading public cloud service providers, such as OBS, Verizon Terremark, AT&T, Rackspace, ACS, and T-Systems, and innovative partners such as Blue River IT that offer cutting edge solutions based on NetApp Private Storage for Amazon Web Services. Built on a universal data platform, equipped with data portability technologies, NetApp-based cloud solutions enable seamless movement of data in and out of the cloud. So you can manage and control your data with confidence and prevent vendor lock-in.
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