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NetApp FAS6240
 • Flexibility meets performance, scalability, and availability to satisfy the most demanding needs of your applications and virtualization workloads
NetApp FAS6240
The FAS6200 series has the performance and scale to take on your most demanding storage challenges. These systems are built on the NetApp industry-leading unified storage architecture for ease of management, increased efficiencies, and reduced storage costs.
  • Up to 1440 disks / 4320 TB storage capacity
  • Dual enclosure HA; 2 controllers in two 6U chassis, total of 12U
  • 8-16x8 Gb FC, 0-24x6 Gb SAS, 8x10 GbE
  • Maximum: 96 GB memory and 6 TB FlashCache
  • 24 PCIe Expansion slots
  • Storage networking :FC; FCoE; IP SAN (iSCSI); NFS; CIFS; HTTP; FTP
    The NetApp FAS6200 series is an enterprise-class storage system combining powerful scalability, availability, and flexibility. These systems help you confidently meet service levels, drive operational excellence, and respond to future growth.
    These highly resilient systems deliver industry-leading storage efficiency through the NetApp unified storage architecture running Data ONTAP, helping lower your costs. Plus, you can maximize productivity with our integrated suite of manageability software while saving on power, cooling, and floor space with the latest generation of energy efficient disk shelves.

    Enterprise-class storage on a petabyte scale with high performance and availability makes the FAS6200 series capable of satisfying your most demanding business and technical applications as well as consolidated virtualized environments. The FAS6200 series architecture is designed for high performance with 24 cores and 192GB of memory in the FAS6280 system to take full advantage of the 64-bit Data ONTAP 8 operating system. These storage systems support end-to-end high-speed connectivity, including 10GbE and 8Gb FC to hosts and 6Gb SAS on the storage side. You can further boost system performance by adding up to 8TB of Flash Cache, which are intelligent caching modules that can automatically increase read rates and reduce average latency without adding more disk drives.

    The FAS6200 series is designed to meet the most demanding data center HA requirements. Frame-array-class features such as Alternate Control Path (ACP) and persistent NVRAM write logs enhance our already highly available architecture. Add to that a service processor for diagnostics that helps you address impending issues well before affecting availability, and you have an enterprise- class storage infrastructure that you can rely on. Further extend availability by combining the FAS6200 series with our MetroCluster solution. Designed for continuous data availability across distances of up to 100km, it delivers transparent failover with protection from hardware plus power, network, and environmental faults. MetroCluster also reduces planned downtime by enabling you to perform hardware and software maintenance and upgrades nondisruptively so access to data remains available.

    Scaling to nearly 3PB, the FAS6200 series has the flexibility to meet your diverse and evolving storage challenges. What’s more, you’ll get extensive amounts of integrated, high bandwidth connectivity for 10GbE, 8Gb FC, and 6Gb SAS. Extending NetApp’s Ethernet leadership, the FAS6200 series supports the unified target adapter with NetApp Unified Connect. This enables flexible, efficient storage infrastructure
    through multiprotocol data access over a shared network port.
    Plus, FAS6200 systems support Data ONTAP in both standard and cluster modes, enabling you to expand up to 24 nodes. Our robust systems are cluster-ready with integrated 10GbE connectivity paving the way for I/O consolidation. Moreover, the NetApp unified storage architecture can handle your diverse workloads and growing virtualized environments. We provide you with multiprotocol storage networking, which increases flexibility and reduces business risk. With support for high-capacity disk shelves with SATA drives, high-density disk shelves with small-form factor SAS drives, high performance disk shelves with 3.5” SAS drives, and lightning fast SSDs and Flash Cache, the FAS6200 family is ready to be tailored to your data requirements and budget.

    The FAS6200 series provides advanced storage efficiency, data protection, and data management features across the NetApp unified storage architecture.
  • Thin provisioning helps keep costs in check by largely eliminating the need to preallocate storage based on forecasted demand and improving the utilization of your existing storage.
  • NetApp deduplication is the industry’s best answer to ever-increasing storage capacity demands, while data compression adds another efficiency dimension, helping to further reduce data and network bandwidth usage.
  • Our low-overhead double-parity RAIDDP® offers better data protection and capacity utilization than traditional RAID implementations.
  • High-efficiency NetApp Integrated Data Protection includes Snapshot™ technology, which enables you to create point-intime copies of file systems using very little space.
  • Additionally, thin replication enables backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and archival using minimal storage capacity and network resources.
  • FlexClone® technology instantly creates virtual copies, enabling development and test for your most demanding enterprise applications and databases at a lower cost.
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