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NetApp FAS6290
 • Performance, availability, and scale for the enterprise
NetApp FAS6290
The FAS6200 series has the performance and scale to take on your most demanding storage challenges. These systems are built on the NetApp industry-leading unified storage architecture for ease of management, increased efficiencies, and reduced storage costs.
  • Up to 1440 disks (5760 TB)
  • Dual enclosure HA; 2 controllers in two 6U chassis, total of 12U
  • 8-32x8 Gb FC, 0-24x6 Gb SAS, 8x10 GbE
  • Up to 192 GB memory and 16 TB VST Flash
  • Up to 24 PCIe Expansion slots
  • Storage networking: FC; FCoE; IP SAN (iSCSI); NFS; CIFS/SMB; HTTP; FTP

      The Solution
    The FAS6200 series is designed to deliver providing leading availability, performance, scalability, and value so that storage becomes a strategic resource for operating your business more effectively and generating revenue more quickly. The NetApp FAS6200 offers proven SAN performance, superior flash integration, and leading scale-out capabilities to meet a broad range of performance needs while seamlessly scaling to a best-in-class capacity of over 65PB. With clustered Data ONTAP®, you can achieve nondisruptive operations, combating unplanned downtime as well as eliminating planned downtime for system maintenance, upgrade cycles, and data rebalancing. To help manage growth, industry-leading storage efficiency technologies-including deduplication, compression, and space-efficient cloning-combine to reduce capacity consumption and improve return on storage investments.

      Agile Data Infrastructure
    The FAS6200 series delivers enterprise-class storage with the availability, scale, performance, and agility to drive your most demanding SAN and NAS workloads. The FAS6200 series combined with clustered Data ONTAP forms the foundation of an agile data infrastructure that is:
  • Intelligent. Virtual Storage Tier technologies adapt automatically to enhance performance, while advanced storage efficiency dramatically reduces your storage footprint.
  • Immortal. A reliable architecture protects hardware availability, nondisruptive operations (NDO) eliminate planned downtime, and NetApp Integrated Data Protection software prevents data loss due to user errors or disasters.
  • Infinite. Storage infrastructure scales out to almost unlimited capacity, encompassing multiple media types and SAN and NAS protocols.

    The FAS6200 series and clustered Data ONTAP create a new paradigm for the delivery of storage services. Advanced data management delivers an innovative set of tools to streamline operations and eliminate sources of disruption so data is always available even as you scale to multiple petabytes.
    Each model is designed to offer enterprise performance that can scale to deliver many gigabytes per second and hundreds of thousands of IOPS to satisfy the most demanding workload challenges. All models also offer extensive high-bandwidth connectivity options for 10GbE, 8Gb FC, and 6Gb SAS and support a range of disk shelves and media that let you optimize for capacity, density, or performance.

  •   Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
    NetApp uses a comprehensive approach to protect your data that combines innovative software with highly reliable hardware. Advanced hardware features, including alternate control path (ACP), persistent NVRAM write logs, and an integrated service processor, provide the utmost reliability and protect your hardware investment. Nondisruptive maintenance, data migration, upgrade, and other operations eliminate the need for planned downtime. Integrated data protection technologies provide near-instant backup and recovery to protect against data loss and offer best-in-class integration with enterprise backup vendors and leading applications to create a robust solution. When maximum uptime is a must, MetroCluster™ delivers transparent failover spanning distances up to 100km for applications that require continuous data availability.

      Designed for Flash
    All FAS6200 systems are designed to optimally support flash. The NetApp Virtual Storage Tier includes flash-specific software designed to get the most out of flash resources, resulting in a more powerful hybrid storage system with up to 16TB of flash per HA pair and tight integration with server caching products. Hot data is automatically cached in flash, accelerating your applications while reducing overall storage footprint. The NetApp flash portfolio lets you target flash to meet specific performance needs:
  • Flash Cache™ accelerates read performance for all workloads on a storage system.
  • Flash Pool™ accelerates random reads and writes for specific workloads.

  •   Capacity and Storage Efficiency
    Scaling to more than 65PB in clusters and offering significantly more drive capacity than competitors, the FAS6200 series lets you consolidate storage and provides maximum flexibility for growth. Clustered Data ONTAP scales up to 6 nodes for SAN and 24 nodes for NAS under a single system image—all managed from a single console. Because cluster nodes need not be identical, you can create an easy-to-manage cluster with multiple types of controllers and media to address a wide range of storage requirements and flexibly migrate data as needs change.
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