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NetApp FAS8020
 • Respond more quickly to changing IT needs with unified scale-out storage and industry-leading data management.
NetApp FAS8020
FAS8000 scale-out storage systems offer exceptional flexibility and expandability in an extremely dense package. Integrated unified target adapter (UTA2) ports support 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10GbE, or FCoE, so your storage is ready on day one for whatever choices the future holds.
  • Up to 480 disks (1920 TB)
  • Single enclosure HA; 2 controllers in a single 3U chassis
  • Onboard I/O: 4 UTA2 ports (16 Gb FC, FCoE, 10 GbE), 4x 6 Gb SAS, 4x 10 GbE, 4 GbE
  • Up to 48 GB memory, 8 GB NVRAM, 3 TB FlashCache
  • Up to 4 PCIe Expansion slots
  • Supported protocols: FC; FCoE; iSCSI; NFS; pNFS; CIFS/SMB; HTTP; FTP
  • Support More Workloads: Run SAN and NAS workloads simultaneously with the industry’s only unified scale-out storage.
  • Consolidate Infrastructure: Scale to 57PB and leverage existing storage with FlexArray.
  • Accelerate I/O-Intensive Apps: Deploy hybrid storage with 2x the flash-accelerated power.
  • Eliminate Downtime: Experience >99.999% availability plus nondisruptive operations that eliminate planned downtime.
  • Realize Superior Value: Deliver 2x the price/performance of the previous generation.
  • Choose the Right Long-Term: Future-proof storage with innovative hardware, full cloud integration, and the #1 storage OS.
    The demands of a data-driven organization require a fundamentally new approach to storage with an integrated combination of high-performance hardware and adaptive, scalable storage software that not only supports existing workloads, but also adapts and scales quickly to address new applications and evolving IT models. FAS8000 enterprise storage systems are engineered specifically to address these needs. Powered by NetApp® Data ONTAP® and optimized for scale-out, the FAS8000 series unifies your SAN and NAS storage infrastructure. With proven data management capabilities, the FAS8000 has the flexibility to keep up with changing needs while delivering on core IT requirements. The FAS8000 features a multiprocessor Intel® chip set and leverages highperformance memory modules, NVRAM to accelerate and optimize writes, and an I/O-tuned PCIe gen3 architecture that maximizes application throughput. Building on a decade of multicore optimization, Data ONTAP drives the latest cores and increased core counts to keep up with continuous growth in storage demands. The result is a flexible, efficient I/O design capable of supporting large numbers of high-speed network connections and massive capacity scaling.

      Get more from existing storage
    Simplify your IT operations and deliver more value from existing storage with the only unified storage virtualization solution. FlexArray virtualization software extends the capabilities of the FAS8000 to include EMC, Hitachi, and NetApp E-Series arrays, consolidating management of your existing storage to simplify operations, while increasing efficiency, and providing Superior functionality.
    This creates a single storage management architecture that supports both SAN and NAS while simplifying management and cloud integration.

      Scale and adapt to meet changing needs
    Your organization is constantly changing. Your storage infrastructure should adapt and scale right along with it. With FAS8000 unified scale-out storage, you can optimize and accelerate your storage environment as needed. All FAS8000 storage is designed to scale as performance and capacity requirements change. You can scale up—by adding capacity, adding flash acceleration, and upgrading controllers—and scale out. A single cluster can grow up to 24 nodes and 57PB of capacity with ease.
    Because you can nondisruptively add or replace storage systems and components—as well as mix and match different FAS models—scaling occurs without maintenance windows or the challenge of coordinating downtime across teams.

      Unlock the full power of flash
    Flash-accelerated FAS8000 storage systems deliver twice the performance of our previous generation storage—boosting throughput, lowering latency, and meeting stringent service levels with predictable high performance. Data ONTAP on the FAS8000 simplifies flash management, resulting in more powerful hybrid storage. In hybrid FAS8000 configurations, flash functions as a self-managing virtual storage tier with up to 18TB of flash per HA pair and 216TB per cluster. Hot data is automatically promoted to flash in real time, so you get the full benefit of flash performance. Flash integration extends to the host for the lowest possible latency. Flash can also be configured as persistent storage, including all-flash configurations with hundreds of SSDs.

      Enable innovation and empower users
    In a data-driven organization, performance and capacity alone are not enough. You need the ability to leverage data strategically and to assign resources dynamically for more effective operations. FAS8000 role-based access control and workflow automation tools simplify provisioning and data protection so you can assign resources faster. Spaceefficient cloning capabilities allow almost instantaneous creation of data copies.

      Achieve unparalleled availability and nondisruptive operations
    FAS8000 enterprise storage is engineered to meet the most demanding availability requirements. All models are designed to deliver 99.999% availability or greater through a comprehensive approach to system resiliency that includes alternate control path (ACP), persistent NVRAM write logs, and integrated service processors. All I/O devices—including embedded ports—can be independently reset, allowing the FAS8000 to detect, contain, and recover from faults.
    Software and firmware updates, hardware repair and replacement, load balancing, and tech refresh happen without planned downtime. NetApp Integrated Data Protection technologies protect your data, accelerate recovery, and integrate with leading backup applications for easier management.
    Advanced service analytics software prevents issues from becoming outages. Risk signatures are constantly monitored, and your administrators and/or NetApp service staff are alerted to proactively address issues that might affect operations.

      Build the right long-term platform and Optimize hybrid cloud deployment
    When it comes to long-term storage infrastructure investments, total cost of ownership and the ability to accommodate new IT initiatives are critical. FAS8000 enterprise storage systems unlock the power of your data and your people. In addition to a significant price/performance benefit—two times that of the previous generation—the FAS8000 platform delivers industry-leading storage efficiency technologies such as deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and space-efficient Snapshot™ copies. This reduces your cost per effective gigabyte of storage.
    The FAS8000 is optimized for cloud with modular, flash-accelerated building blocks, native multi-tenancy, QoS, nondisruptive operations, and easily defined tiers of service. Storage can be quickly provisioned to meet specific service levels, and data is portable between FAS and FAS-managed storage from EMC and HDS so that applications are not locked to a specific device. Data ONTAP enables dynamic data portability with seamless connectivity between clouds so you can integrate on-premises storage with cloud service providers and hyperscale providers such as Amazon Web Services to create a hybrid cloud. Data ONTAP serves as a universal data platform, so you can pursue the longterm cloud strategy that makes the most sense for your organization while storing and managing your data with technologies you understand and trust.
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