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StoreWay™ Bull Optima1500
 • An innovative RAID Fibre Channel storage Array
StoreWay™ Bull Optima1500
Optima1500 is an optimized storage solution for departmental servers and small storage networks. Developed on Fibre Channel standards for server connections and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) standards for disk connections, the system can support high-performance disks and high-capacity disks in the same subsystem
  • Enterprise-Class Disk Subsystem for Fibre storage networks
  • Partitionable into transactional and backup storage zones
  • Embedded support of RAID6, RAID3 dual parity and Triple Mirror
  • Up to 288 Terabytes (SATA) or 86 Terabytes (SAS) capacity
  • All storage software available: snap, local and distant replications
  • Power consumption minimization by MAID function
    The Optima1500 subsystem, with single or dual active RAID controllers, and the redundant Optima1500 generic extension are based on industry-standard technologies: Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) associated with the SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) disk interface. This technology mix makes the Optima1500 the ideal solution for small-scale databases and electronic messaging systems, and an effective storage solution for large data volumes such as images and multimedia files. It also functions as a secondary storage device for backup or archive.

      SAN Support
    In addition to a mono controller two true dual-active models are available. The standard model is carrying 4 fibre 4Gb/s ports and a SAN ready model with 12 fibre 4Gb/s ports that could avoid costly switches and facilitate integration into the existing SAN infrastructures. This connectivity ensures interoperability with VMware, Windows, AIX and Linux environments and full SAN support. The embedded system for volume isolation, associated with failover on VMware, Windows Linux, HP-UX and Solaris, makes Optima1500 an truly interoperable storage solution.

      An Enterprise-Class Solution
    Key element of Bull StoreWay Optima family, the Optima1500 storage array and its extension are off-line upgradable and fully compatible with the other Optima models Optima1500 meets both near-line performance and on-line transactional storage requirements. The two controllers are truly dual active allows efficient load balancing. Associated with the “Worm” function, disk sleeping mode are key for power saving.

      Excellent reliability
    All components, including the 12 disk drives extensible to 144, cooling, fans, power supplies and storage processors are hot-pluggable. Reliability is tailored to both high-performance and high-capacity disks. Like the rest of the StoreWay range, Optima1500 tolerates double disk failure in RAID6 and also in RAID3 with dual-parity support. Server data access is secured by Storage Path Manager, available for Windows, Linux and AIX(included in VMware distributions). The standard RAID1 is enhanced by a Triple Mirror.

      Standard and User-friendly Storage Administration
    The Optima1500 StoreWay Storage Manager is designed for Windows and Linux environments in small, decentralized processing centers. The software is common to the whole line of Optima products allowing replication to any product of the Optima3000 multi node line. Performance data aggregation could be performed and analyzed easily for all the Optima products. Optima software is also interoperable with the FDA products.

      Services and Support
    Bull provides professional services to optimize the use of this subsystem.
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