StoreWay™ Optima2000c
 • An optimal departmental RAID Storage Array
StoreWay™ Optima2000c
StoreWay™ Optima2000c answers to mid-range market requiring an optimized price/performance ratio. Optima2000c scalable and flexible architecture with a complete software offer satisfies departmental applications in virtualized and non-virtualized environments. Optima2000c high availability allows building business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Four Fibre Channel 8Gb/s and four iSCSI 10Gb/s host connectivity
  • SAS 6Gb/s connectivity to SSD, SAS 15krpm and SATA 7200rpm drives
  • Up to 288 Terabytes (SATA) or 86 Terabytes (SAS) capacity
  • Complete software offer including snapshot, replication and thin provisioning
  • Eco mode for power consumption minimization with MAID features
  • Support of Solid State Drives (SSD) in the same drawer as SAS and SATA drives

      State of the art technology
    Optima2000c is based on the latest industry-standard technologies with Fibre Channel 8Gb/s ports and iSCSI 10Gb/s ports offering the highest connectivity to the servers. On the back-end side, 6Gb/s SAS disk connectivity doubles the performance to the SAS drives and SSD increase random performance per disk.

      Scalability and flexibility
    Optima2000c scalable architecture allows a dynamic capacity growth from 900GB to 288TB and supports the mix of SSD, SAS and SATA drives within a single disk drawer. Dynamic pools allow to add as few as one drive at a time. Dynamic Pools LUNs can be expanded without rebuilding the entire RAID group and make more space available immediately.

      High availability and reliability
    Full redundant architecture with dual active RAID controllers and hot pluggability of all components including drives, fans, power supplies, BBU and controllers, make Optima2000c a high available storage system. High reliability is achieved by single and dual parity RAID (RAID-6, RAID-3 DP or RAID Triple Mirror).

      Energy saving
    Thin Provisioning allows to adapt the disk configuration to the capacity required by the applications and adapt the power consumption to the actual needs. Power Saver also saves energy by spinning down the drives non accessed by the application.

      Standard and user-friendly Storage Administration
    Optima2000c Storage Manager is user-friendly, common to all the Optima line, and designed for Windows and Linux environments. In addition to the snapshots, distant and local replications, it provides Thin Provisioning, MAID and WORM features, and allows optimized data relocation from SSD to SAS or SATA drives according to the performance required for the data within the storage array. Performance Management tools allow consolidation of performance data for all Optima of the site from a central control point. A command line interface allows to automate this administration.

      Services and Support
    Bull delivers professional services and support services to optimize the use of the Optima2000c.
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