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StoreWay™ Optima2600
 • A new generation of mid-range storage
StoreWay™ Optima2600
StoreWay Optima2600 is a powerful and affordable storage for mid-market, mission critical, in physical or virtual environments
  • Fibre Channel, iSCSI , SAS, mixed FC/iSCSI host connectivity
  • SAS 6Gb/s back-end with up to 144 drives, 2.5’’ or 3.5’’ form factor
  • Scalable multi-tier storage with SSD, SAS and NL-SAS drives
  • High performance for a medium storage with SSD cache support
  • Complete software offer with thin provisioning, snapshot, local and remote replication, performance management and data allocation optimisation

      State of the art technology
    Optima2600 offers the up to date host connectivity with Fibre Channel 8Gb or iSCSI 1 Gb or 10Gb or combo FC/iSCSI 1Gb or SAS 6Gb. The support of the latest SSD, SAS and NL-SAS disk drives, connected through SAS 6Gb/s links, brings a great flexibility to build performant or high capacitive solutions.
    Optima2600, based on latest Intel processor chips, takes benefit of their high IO level and low power consumption. SSD drives improve IO/s performance and reduce response time of transactional applications.

      High availability and reliability
    Full redundant architecture with dual RAID controllers, mirrored cache, dual power supplies and fans, makes Optima2600 a high available storage system. Cache continuity is guaranteed and controllers, disk drives, power supplies can be hot swapped undisruptively.
    Optima2600 active-active asymmetrical architecture guarantees the operation in case of data path failure (host bus adapter cable, controller). Optima2600 tolerates a single disk failure in RAID-1/10, RAID-5/50 and a double disk failure in RAID-6 or RAID Triple Mirror.
    Super-Phoenix self healing technology reduces the number of disk drive replacement by repairing and recovering from suspected drive failures.

      Optimized configuration
    Thin Provisioning optimizes utilisation of available storage by sharing virtual pools between the applications. The management of thresholds at LUN and pool level allows to plan dynamic disk extensions.
    Virtual Cache Partitioning garantees performance of an application by allocating it cache segments and preventing other applications to share the same cache space.
    SSD cache significantly improves performance of random applications by moving hot data to SSD drives. SSD cache is also an ECO feature by reducing the number of SAS drives required to reach high performance of OLTP applications.
    Data Allocation Optimisation moves dynamically data to high or low speed pool according to a defined policy .
    Power Saver optimizes the energy consumption by slowing down or stopping non used drives. Typically backup on disks applications are candidates for use of this feature, limiting disk power consumption to the backup window.

      Performance management
    Performance Monitor displays in real time the performance of Optima2600. Performance Navigator analyzes the evolution in the time of these performances and predicts future saturations. Performance Optimizer detects bottlenecks and manages data migration to unloaded pools to balance the disks load and optimize the behaviour of the Optima2600.

      Virtualized environments
    Optima2600 is well fitted to VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environments. It is VMware certified and supports new vStorage APIs for Array Integration (vAAI) which improve the performance of operations in a VMware environment.

      Ease of installation and Administration
    Optima2600 embeds Storage Manager Express which eases the installation, configuration and management in the network infrastructure. The automatic discovery of the FC or iSCSI connections, the ease of pools/LUNs creation, the immediate use of the created volumes allow a quick start of the exploitation.
    Optima2600 External Storage Manager, in addition to Storage Manager Express, manages all Optima optional software : snapshots, local or remote replication, performance monitoring and optimizer, power consumption, WORM. The External Manager, common to the whole Optima range, manages all storage arrays of a data center from a central point. It runs on a Windows or Linux physical server or virtual machine.
    Migration from an existing storage to Optima2600 is easily achieved off-line by a Data Migration feature included in Optima2600. It allows a quick start of the exploitation of the new storage with the existing data.
    Optima2600 connectivity ensures interoperability with Windows, Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX and VMware. Server data access is secured by Storeway Multipath software available for Windows, Linux, VMware and AIX.

      Services and Support
    Bull provides professional services for an optimal operation.
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