StoreWay Optima3000
  Scalability, reliability, availability, stability
StoreWay Optima3000
All enterprises work on critical data, which are in the heart of their activity. The enterprise data centre infrastructures ought to be in line with the user requested service level agreements. Performance and capacity growth solutions needs must be deployed easily. StoreWay Optima3000 line is the only one on the market to fulfil efficient answer to these requirements, thanks to its node mesh architecture. This revolutionary architecture does not concede anything on reliability and data security.
  • Enterprise class storage for Fibre SAN
  • Performance and capacity growth via storage node addition on-line
  • Availability 24/24 7/7 with systematic component redundancy
  • Multi level storage based on SSD, SAS and SATA disks intermix, optimized and virtualizable
  • Up to 384 disks Storage capacity for the first node and expandable to 1536 disks for four nodes
  • Up to 16 12 Gb/s SAS links to disks
  • Energy saving with MAID feature
       • Standard warranty World Wide; 3 years , 9x5 Next Business Day, on site  
       • Warranty extension 4 hour, 7x24 onsite response (depending on location)  
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