StoreWay Optima3020
  Scalability, reliability, availability, stability
StoreWay Optima3020
StoreWay Optima3020 dual node storage system delivers high-end performance accommodating the most demanding high availability environments when large and critical data storage is required. StoreWay Optima3000 line is the only product on the market to fulfil efficient answer to these requirements, thanks to its node mesh architecture. This revolutionary architecture does not concede anything on reliability and data security.
The optima3020 base system supports 32 high speed 4Gbps or 8Gbps host connections, 64GB of cache and 768 disk drives with high-performance RAID processors. The Optima3020 can be upgraded non-disruptively to three and four node mesh.
  • Enterprise class storage for Fibre SAN
  • Performance and capacity growth via storage node addition on-line
  • Availability 24/24 7/7 with systematic component redundancy
  • Multi level storage based on SSD, SAS and SATA disks intermix, optimized and virtualizable
  • Up to 768 disks Storage capacity and 64 GB cache for the two nodes
  • Up to 32 12 Gb/s SAS links to disks
  • Data security with dual parity RAID 3 and 6 and triple mirror
  • Energy saving with MAID technology.
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